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I heard that Vancouver might get the Olympics again?

If Russia doesn't pick up their economy, or something like that.

Somebody told me this, not the type of person to ********, and she seemed really convinced. I don't really think it's true, but is it?

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    I doubt it. When Athens was behind on construction the IOC threatened to pull the games and do them in Australia again, but did not.

    The games went on while they were trying to finish construction.

    If this rumor is out it is probably the IOC trying to encourage the Russians to get things finished before the games start.

  • The RUMOUR was that Vanoc was asked to produce a contingency plan should Sochi fail in their plans. I think The Russian President has staked too much of his own reputation on Sochi for that to happen. The only thing that MIGHT cause the IOC to pull the games from Sochi would be a major escalation of the wars in neighboring areas.

    I doubt the rumours were correct, and even if they were, I doubt that Sochi will fail. It's just too important for the Russians to let happen.

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    No, unfortunately the party can't come back :( Its been a well-spread rumor, so I'm not surprised that this person was really convinced. I wish it could though! I live in Vancouver and it was like on massive, city-wide party!

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    nope, can't be true, they wouldnt do it in the same place 2 olympics in a row

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