In Windows XP, how do I give limited accounts access to the programs I have set up as the administrator?

I think I have messed up badly. For years now, I have been using my computer as the administrator. I have just learned that this is risky business when exploring the Internet. I have successfully set up a limited-user account for myself, but through it I cannot get to even the most benign programs that are obviously linked solely to the administrator account I've been using for years. There must be a way to transfer these programs, in their up-to-date state to my new limited-user account. I hope so. Please help.


I have made the guest or limited access account. I want to allow it to use, for example, the Microsoft Money program, as I have set it up. I don't want the guest account to have to start at square one.

Update 2:

I've continued to try to figure this out. I must be missing something very basic. It doesn't make sense to me that I would need to reload Microsoft Works (for example) to each user account. Help!

Update 3:

This is rather important because I just messed up, dragging my Microsoft Money file into shared folders. I seemed to have corrupted MMoney, and I depend on it. Help!

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  • Andrew
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    10 years ago
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    Forget about the built-in guest account. It is even more limited than a regular "limited" account. Here are some things you can try to get the apps you want working for non-admin users (limited accounts):

    First, if the problem is lack of shortcuts, then open My Computer and go to the folder c:\documents and settings\administrator\desktop and copy the shortcuts you want from there to c:\documents and settings\all users\desktop.

    If the limited accounts have the shortcuts but get errors trying to run the programs, then try adding the limited users to the Power Users group. To do that, log in as administrator and right-click on My Computer and left-click on Manage to bring up the Computer Management window. On the left side expand System Tools, then Local Users and Groups, then highlight the Groups folder. On the right side double-click Power Users then click on the Add button. You will then type in the names of the accounts you want to add.

    If the Power Users group doesn't help, then you can try granting limited users increased privileges to the application folders you choose. To do that log in as administrator and click on Start then run; type CMD and press Enter. Type the following command to grant "change" access to all limited users to the application folder you choose:

    cacls c:\"program files"\appfolder /e /t /p user:c

    Where appfolder is the name of the application folder you want to grant access to. To reverse this change type the following command:

    cacls c:\"program files"\appfolder /e /t /p user:r


    The Power Users group does not exist in Windows XP Home Edition. It does exist in the Pro edition and i think also in Media Center edition. The CACLS command does exist in Home Edition at least.

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  • curren
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    3 years ago

    a million. circulate to administration Panel 2. opt for consumer debts 3. opt for the Account that u prefer to get admission to all the data 4. Then circulate to alter the account variety 5. substitute it to computing gadget administrator (they're those that would get admission to all data) 6. Then opt for substitute account variety

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  • 10 years ago

    Create a guest account. When you are in a guest account you cannot make any significant changes to the computer.

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