How do you tell a guy, that you know wont care, that you are having his baby?

Well we all know how getting pregnant happens so i dont think i need to tell you how it hes an ex that came to visit one night and some feelings came back and we ended up having sex.. Well he was all sweet to me and everything before he left for home but now hes right back to being a stupid arrogant steriotypical guy :/ ...well anyways to my question..ive been feeling sick for the past two weeks like feeling sick and everything and i feel like i may be pregnant but not 100% sure yet...well i know the whole i should go see a doctor...but im waiting to see if i have my period first...but i was would i be able to tell this guy im pregnant if i find out that i am?.. please help me...oh and im asking this question now cause i want to prepare myself for telling him if i am....thanks for reading :)


the hallmark card idea made me laugh

and to Hannah...thanks for your advice and yes im deffinitly not going to tell him untill i find out for sure...and im hoping im not but i do kno if i am im going to keep it either way if he wants to see his baby or not..i just dont belive in abortion personally...but thanks soo much for your answer it helped alot and reassured me alot too lol thanks* :)

Update 2:

to the 4th answer...yea if i find out i am im planning on not telling him untill the the first trimester is over but knowing me id tell him in the 2nd month....ut personally my opinion is i would tell him cus in all rights he does have the right to kno hes having a kid so im not the one in the end thats being blamed my kid dont have contact with his/her father..but thank you for your advice :)

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    Once you know for sure, just arrange a face to face and tell him the news, if that's not possible then tell him over the phone or even write a letter, but you should tell him and out of respect you should tell him before you tell a whole bunch of other people so he doesn't hear about it through the grapevine. How he takes it and what he does with the information once its given to him is on him. What's on you is being woman enough to be 100% honest with the guy.

    Also, not saying he's gonna go there BUT don't let anger or hurt get the better of you if he questions whether or not the baby is his. If you two aren't an exclusive couple...reality is he has the right to ask that question and have his doubts, regardless of how upstanding your character may be. If he goes there try to see it from his point of view. He doesn't know what you're doing when he's not there, just like truthfully you can't say what he's doing when you're not there.

    Really the only thing you can do is be as up front as possible, be as honest as possible and be as mature as possible. You can't dictate his response and you can't control his actions. He's going to say and feel and do whatever he feels like. Your job, IF you're going to be a mommy is to focus on you, keep your mind right and make sure you don't do anything that contributes to mayhem and foolishness.

    Much love and much luck

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    I wouldn't tell him at all. This guy can only make your pregnancy more stressful. I dont think he will believe that the baby is his. He can't do anything about it anyway. It's obvious that you intend on keeping the baby in the first place. I dont think I would tell him just yet. It will seem like you are trying to get him back. It will put you in a vulnerable position. I wouldnt tell him for a long long time. Maybe I wouldnt tell him at all. I would probably wait until I was 5 months and then tell him. You are in for a lifetime of crap from this guy.

    Exes are exes for a reason. That's water under the bridge now, so my advice may be unpopular, but I dont think I would want to put myself in the position to be treated even worse. Pregnancy is stressful enough, without putting more stress on yourself. I had a miscarriage due to stress and I would hate to see anyone have to suffer such a terrible loss. Be prepared if you are planning on telling him.

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    Ok, First, Don't tell him until your sure. I'm sure you know this... Anyways. If and when you find out you are, Just give him a call and tell him that you are. When I found out I was pregnant with my ex's baby, and I just KNEW he wasn't going to want me to have it, or help take care of it, I was wondering the same thing!! But stay calm, If you want to keep the baby, Then let him know. Just be like, "I found out we're having a baby, I would love for you to be supportive, and we don't have to be in a relationship, but i do want the baby and you to have one. So Think about it, and get back with me soon. I've made up my mind and with or without you, im having your baby." Lol. And if your not sure about keeping it yet, tell him that. And that you'd like his input on it because the baby is part of him too, but let him know your going to make the final decision. :) Hope i helped, this is how i handled my case and if you need help coming up with something else to say, let me know! (And i would loooveee to be updated if you find out you are, and what you said :)

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    4 years ago

    Your husband does no deserve this and a toddler does not need to be lied too from beginning. issues like this have a bad habit of being found out, money does not make for a chuffed life, honesty does (which you seem lacking on your section the place your hubby is in contact). What you and your lover are doing is not greater suited than "freeloading" it extremely is utilising somebody for money and on the midsection of it an outstanding loving guy is getting used, lied too and could interior the tip be heart broken no longer purely over your affair yet while he will boost a toddler as his purely to confirm its no longer easily his you would be establishing an entire can of "whoop a*s" for all in contact. If this different guy is the affection of your life, do the best element... bypass away you hubby NOW and bypass be with your lover, your hubby will in time recover from it and additionally you will come to comprehend that love doesnt prefer money. Being a working mum isn't as undesirable as you think of, I easily have 4 little ones and run 2 companies and that i discover it very priceless that i dont would desire to "leach" off every physique. Having pronounced all that i dont think of you will pay attention to something every physique has to declare judging by your question you have already desperate to rob your hubby of no longer purely his money yet his satisfaction and love for a toddler that wont be his and by no skill will ..... its no longer purely pathetic yet makes me ashamed to be a girl! while women human beings such as you manage adult adult males like this. Plus your warm lover is probable utilising you, as quickly as the toddler is born he will probs use it blackmail you and or your hubby and run of and bypass away you, hubby will then drop you back interior the gutter he picked you up from and could in time discover a real lady who will love, adore and be committed to him. YOUR question - MY answer, in case you DONT like it, hard! (you kinda asked for it lol)

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    you tell him your pregnant?

    I mean unless you want to get into the whole detail of how you got pregnant. seriously though, just meet up with him and face to face tell him your pregnant.

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    send him a "Have a nice day ohh by the way I'm pregnant" halmark card ;D

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