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Angela asked in Beauty & StyleMakeup · 1 decade ago

I have mono lids, how can I put on eyeliner?

I have mono lids, and I've just gotten interested in putting on eyeliner. How do I put it on? If I try to put it on, I have to put it from my upper eyelash line to the very tips of my lids, but when I look at it, I have WAY too much eyeliner. Any help on how to put on eyeliner without it looking too ridiculous? Please help!

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    I have monolids as well. What I do is use liquid eyeliner and I recommend you try it if you haven't! Due to the monolid, using pencil liners isn't always the best idea as it normally will smudge on the li when you open your eyes. With a good liquid liner this is avoided :)

    Try doing a medium thickness line, not so thin that it is barely noticeable when your eyes are closed but not so thick that it is visible when your eyes are open. This DOES make a difference! Then add a little wing on each side, and voila you have beautifully lined monolids. It takes practice to get steady and quick with the liquid liner, just be patient! It truly is the best option for full monolids. It's all about modifying makeup application to suit you! Just because double lid ladies have their eyeliner showing while their eyes are open doesn't mean yours needs to! It's quite lovely to have that surprise black when you look down or close your eyes. And the wing helps for the liner to be visible all the time.

    Source(s): I am half Japanese and have full monolids. I've tried many different techniques!
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    Lots of Asian women have single lid or mono lid eyes. These eyes are characterized by lack of fold on the eyelids and makes the eyes look smaller, swollen due to thick fat on the eyelids. It is very difficult to apply traditional makeup techniques to these single lid Asian eyes. This article talks about the best approaches step by step to enlarge single lid eyes and make them appear more beautiful naturally.

    Step 1 With your eyes open, use a light brown pencil (or gray pencil, depending on the color of your eye shadow) and draw a mark just above the eye. Make sure this mark is just slightly above the eyes. This helps serve as a guideline for your eye shadow.

    Step 2 Use soft black eyeliner to start coloring the eyelids. Make sure the darkest portion is near the inner corner of your eyes. The key to natural looking eyes is to carefully blend the color, don't just color the whole eyelid with black; you will need to see color gradually changing on the eyelids for the best results.

    Step 3 Use black only half way to the marked point just above the eyes. Use light brown or light gray eye shadow to finish coloring for the rest of the eyelid. Be sure to blend carefully to achieve the best results. Blending is the key in this case.

    Step 4 Don't forget to line the lower eyes with black as well. You just want to have a little bit here, don't use too much black.

    Step 5 Highlight the inner corners of your eyes with a shimmering white pencil to enhance your eyes more. Using white here will enlarge your eyes; this works for all eyes type.

    Step 6 Last step or the most important step that cannot be skipped is to put on false eyelashes. Don't forget to use a black mascara to coat your real eyelashes with the false eyelashes to give yourself a more natural look. Use black mascara on the lower lashes as well.

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    put zzzeee ieeliner awn like Ziz....

    take zee i-liner, put it on your eye Liiiiid

    zen, drrraw a line....PURFECTO!

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