Israel or Palestine? What is the country's real name?

Just wondering...

What I recently learned is that the country has two names. Israel, the name preferred by the Jewish; and Palestine, the name preferred by the Muslims.

What I'd like to know is: what is considered the country's real name today?

An extra question: Before either names, what was the country's original name?

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    ✞ God has called it Israel....This is the proper name for it ...even though the Palestine's have laid claim on this land...Israel will recapture it and it shall be by the hand of God.......

    Though you search for your enemies, you will not find them. Those who wage war against you will be as nothing at all. For I am the Lord, your God, who takes hold of your right hand and says to you, Do not fear; I will help you. Do not be afraid, O worm Jacob, O little Israel, for I myself will help you," declares the Lord, your Redeemer, the Holy One of Israel.

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    If the Jews thsmelves could find the place, I'm sure you can. From the Jewish Encyclopedia published between 1901-1906; "Palestine extends, from 31° to 33° 20′ N. latitude. Its southwest point (at Raphia = Tell Rifaḥ, southwest of Gaza) is about 34° 15′ E. longitude, and its northwest point (mouth of the Liṭani) is at 35° 15′ E. longitude, while the course of the Jordan reaches 35° 35′ to the east. The west-Jordan country has, consequently, a length of about 150 English miles from north to south, and a breadth of about 23 miles at the north and 80 miles at the south. The area of this region, as measured by the surveyors of the English Palestine Exploration Fund, is about 6,040 square miles. The east-Jordan district is now being surveyed by the German Palästina-Verein, and although the work is not yet completed, its area may be estimated at 4,000 square miles. This entire region, as stated above, was not occupied exclusively by the Israelites, for the plain along the coast in the south belonged to the Philistines, and that in the north to the Phenicians, while in the east-Jordan country the Israelitic possessions never extended farther than the Arnon (Wadi al-Mujib) in the south, nor did the Israelites ever settle in the most northerly and easterly portions of the plain of Bashan. To-day the number of inhabitants does not exceed 650,000. Palestine, and especially the Israelitic state, covered, therefore, a very small area, approximating that of the state of Vermont" Palestine as a name was first coined by the Romans, who called it Syria Palaestina in around 132AD. It was a confederation of five city states: Gaza, Ashkelon and Ashdod on the coast, and Ekron and Gath inland. Also, since there had never been a nation called the United States of America prior to European settlement, does that mean you no longer recognise the USA as a nation, since it never existed a couple of centuries or so ago

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    As far as we know, the original name was Canaan. But the Israelites invaded the Canaanites and took over. Then they fought among themselves and split up, forming a northern kingdom called Israel and a southern kingdom called Judah. In time, foreign invasion conquered the northern kingdom, making it part of Assyria. Then the southern kingdom was taken over by Babylon. But then, Persia took over, then Macedonia, then the Ptolemies of Egypt, then the Antiochenes of Chaldea. For a century or so, the Jewish homeland of Judea was self-ruled, but eventually it fell under the control of the Roman Empire, becoming the province of Judea. But that was only the southern part. There was also Samaria and Galilee. When a Jewish rebellion was put down in 70 CE, the area was renamed the provine of Palestine, after the ancient Philistines who had also lived in the area at one time.

    Since then, the area has undergone further changes of ownership, mostly Christian and Muslim. Geographically, it is usually referred to as Palestine or the Levant. Politically, since 1948, it has been split, East and West, into the UN mandated secular nation of Israel and Trans-Jordan. But since the 1967 war, Israel has controlled Trans-Jordan, which is now called the West Bank. A geographical nation is called whatever its government decides to call it. If the government of Israel and the Palestinian leaders ever agree on a two-state solution, the non-Israel areas will probably be called Palestine. For now, it's just "Occupied Territory".

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    Israel is a country. Palestine is a territory with a UN mandate to become a country. Most muslims want a Palestine that includes only the West Bank and Gaza. Some want a Palestine that includes the current state of Israel. Before the British colonized the Palestinian Territory, it was part of the Ottoman Empire governed by the Ottoman Turks. Arabia was only a collection of tribes rather than an actual country. Ever hear of Lawrence of Arabia?

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    According to the UN Israel and Palestine are two different countries.

    Before the formation of the state of Israel it was known as British Controlled Palestine. Before that it was part of the Ottoman Empire.

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    Great question,

    If you willing to deal with facts please read:

    Just in few words:

    2000 years ago the roman expelled the Jews, persecuted the Christians’,

    since they were not ready to believe in one good.

    They believed that if they will change the name of this land to Palestina, it will make the Jews to forget about their home land.

    2000 years later, some Arabs tribes that immigrate to this area after the First World War, try’s to use the Roman way:

    They try to use the same term - Palestina, that been used by the Roman,

    trying to make the Jews, and the Christians forget from the land of Israel & Land of Jesus of Nazareth.

    They also they to deceive the messiah from coming…

    Can you believe this :-) ?

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    the original name is canaan.. where a nation called philistines lived.. they called it philistine( pronounced filisteen) but jews had changed the records to mention canaan as the original name..

    jacob was nick named israel and his 12 sons were founding fathers of the 12 tribes.. they claimed that god had given them the whole land.. but they were only staying in part of it called judea. so people outside that area said that people living in judea have a religion which these outsiders named judaism.. since then they have been trying to take the whole land by force and today its the same story.. the palestinians(as its now spelled) readily accepted islam as it gave them the spiritual help they needed. so they made their biggest mistake in history by providing food and shelter and even lands to their SO CALLED COUSINS(JEWS) during the holocaust and got back stabbed!

    the british couldnt control the situation and like kashmir, left the dispute for jews and palestinians to sort out.. so jews took over lands supported by the US france and britain took towns and areas.. and cities and declared its name to be israel in 1948.. and palestinians to this they cry for their mistake of helping jews.. the remaining part of the land is palestinian OCCUPIED territory by israel.. and remaining is israel

    Source(s): ex christian
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    10 years ago

    By the way palestinians are not just muslims, there is a large christian community of palestinians, then you have the greek orthodox, eithiopian jews, african-american jews (small but growing community), Christian Nuns and Monks etc...

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    it was PALESTINE and it will always be. Its an Arabic land Jews never lived thier and they claimed its thier country they dont even found any legecy for . them there is no evidence that it is thier country. they lied a lie and they believed it.

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    Palestine is the name for the region. The name of a nation in Palestine is Israel.

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