What is a good workout routine to get back into shape?

I haven't worked out regularly since high school (7 years ago) and want to get back into shape. I can still run a few miles and keep up with my sisters but I need a pretty straightforward workout routine to get me used to working out again, thanks!


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    Firstly get your diet in check, don't starve yourself just eat healthy and cut back on junk food. It is very hard to out train a bad diet.

    Once your diet is in order start exercising more. Just get as active as possible and try to make it things you enjoy as you are more likely to stick to it. This doesn't necessarily mean gym time but going for runs, playing sport with friends or family etc.

    Try to aim for 3 metabolic training sessions a week with intense resistance training or high intensity interval training. This will elevate your metabolism and burn more calories throughout the week. Here is a free training program you can use: http://www.burnfatquicklyonline.com/burn-fat-fast-...

    Good luck!

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    Start with a sensible diet, and most importantly you want to try to eat every three hours an if you can every 2.5 hours. Small meals, and they can be quick ones too, like the new muscle milk light or a protein bar. You want something that is at least 15 grams of protein and low on sugar. Then you want to incorporate at least 1 hour of cardio at an elevated heart rate, that will make you burn fat and nothing else. If you want to do weights (which I do not recommend) do the cardio last to optimize fat burning. The treadmill will do, unless you can get that elevated heart rate up walking the pavement. If not the stationary bike will do, set the settings high for an interval of at least 15 minutes, then switch every 10 minutes to build your stamina. Eat every three hours at least.

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  • 1 decade ago

    15 minutes a day will amaze you. Twice a day will astound you!

    Do the 5 Rites.

    Been in martial arts all of life. I was on the boxing team working out 5 hours a day, 5 days a week and 1/2 day on Sat. Great shape! ( or at least I thought! )

    Quit team and started doing yoga. Blew my mind at the shape it put me in!

    Today I do the 5 Rites. Best shape in shortest time! Period!

    Do web search for "Five Tibetan Rites" and start easy.

    This is way beyond Western exercises.

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  • Angela
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    Weight lifting - Do a body part a day, i.e. arms, chest, legs, kneck and back. Cardio - Begin the first two weeks by running distance. After that Run distance maybe twice a week. Gradually move to sprints and agility drills. Football is a sport that requires speed and quickness.

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  • 1 decade ago

    if you want to keep it off, an hour a day excercise is recommended. i say swimming, because personally i hate my boobs bouncing up and down, and plus with swimming, it's so much less messier than sweating your butt off! using the ab ball is good for pressups and your core. also, TENSE YOUR MUSCLES! keep good posture and suck it in [tummy, tense butt etc] whenever you can. simple things like that add up over time! -use it or loose it!

    your diet should include lots of water [food water such as letteuce is good too] and eating every 2-3 hrs increases your metabolism. have willpower to not snack and not to stuff yourself to your full capacity.

    good luck sweetie!

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  • 1 decade ago

    push for at least three 40 minute gym sessions every week and just to make sure you can stick to it, eat controlled portions of food. What i mean is you don't have to stop eating what you like but you do have to stop eating sickening amounts of it

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