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Macbeth Essay: Three Examples of Power Corruption?


I was given a topic in MacBeth essay and I was looking for three arguments or examples of Macbeth displaying power corrupted. Thank you so much for anyone who has answered me.

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    1. Murder of the King-- Because Macbeth is corrupted by his want for power, he murders Duncan.

    2. Murder of Banquo-- (It has been a while since I've read this so I apologize if this one doesn't work) Macbeth is still hoping to become king, so he murders Banquo.

    3. the war/battle-- Once Macbeth receives such power, he mercilessly leads troops into battle. The witches have told him thier prophesies, and he is so blinded by his power that he believes there is no way that he can be killed.

    "Power corrupts" is the central theme of the whole play, so I'm sure there are many more examples. I don't know if you can talk about Lady Macbeth at all in your essay, but she is the "mastermind" behind her husband's killings because she, too, wants the power of being married to a king.

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    Corruption Of Power Examples

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