Threats. Who's next? Mexicans? Whites? Blacks? Jews? Gentiles?

APP May 13, 2010

FBI mounts raids in Cherry Hill, Camden in NYC bomb probe

An ongoing investigation into the failed Times Square bombing led the FBI today to search a home in Cherry Hill and a printing business in East Camden.Officials said they collected physical evidence at the Cherry Hill condominium of Pakistani-born Muhammad Fiaez and Iqbal Hinjhara. Hinjhara, 49, owns Prompt Printing Press Inc. in Camden.

No one was arrested in either incident.

Raids were also conducted in Massachusetts and New York today, but there was no immediate threat, according to FBI spokeswoman Gail Marcinkiewicz. Those raids resulted in the arrest of three people on suspected immigration violations: two Pakistani men in the Boston area and one person in Maine. Federal officials said the three were not immediately charged with any terrorism-related offenses.

But according to The Associated Press, the two Boston-area men had a "direct connection" to Shahzad, a Pakistan-born U.S. citizen. They are believed to have provided money to Shahzad, but investigators weren't sure whether they were accomplices or simply moving funds.


oh well. Yesterday it was Saudis. Today it is Pakistanis...and on and on and on..Do you agree that we have big problems - coming from many sides, and that they will continue?


I have no idea why I am shown as being from Canada. I was born and raised and educated in the United States. My parents and all of my relatives are US citizens also. Perhaps someone can tell me what to do to show I am from the United States. I hadn't realized I was shown as a Canadian

Update 2:


"That isn't a function of your religion or race. ????

I thought everyone believed we were dealing with Muslims alone, although there are similar problems with religions, including Jews and Gentiles....

as for Mexicans, they simply want to work. They don't bomb people. Whites have their McVeighs, the KKK, skinheads and phony religions. Blacks don't bomb people either.

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    All of the names are next.

    Let's look at this situation. The New World Order creates order out chaos. It creates the chaos, offers a solution and everyone's happy. Where else have we seen this behaviour? Well, the gangsters used to offer protection money to those whom if they didn't pay, they'd get beaten up. It's one big protection racket.

    The media, is 100% controlled (aprt from the internet) by the NWO. Who are the NWO? Well there are many different organisation (and secret ones) who make it up such as Political Zionism, the Illuminati, the Bilderbergers, the Freemasons, the Trilateral Commission, the Bankers (Rothschilds, Rockerfellers), Politicians, the Committee of 300....

    It's one big organisation, controlled by a very small minority of exceptionally wealthy individuals who seek total control over this world for themselves. It is the return to a Feudal society.

    What is happening here is the gearing up to WWIII. This is where we're going. The purpose (especially in Europe) of unfettered immigration from the third world into the first, is to destroy culture, nationalism and love for one's country and heritage by mixing alien cultures, ones that are incompatible with ours to eventually create one big melting pot of hatred for one another. Thus, the Muslims, whom I thought at first were an enemy of the west are patsies being set up for us to hate so no one will bat an eyelid when our governments take us off to war, to bomb Iran and much of the Muslim world. This will not be a war against Iran as all the Muslim countries will get involved, for fear that like Iran and previously Iraq and Afghanistan, they will be next. This will also bring in Russia and China, for the same fears of seeing a combined American-European assault on the world. This is also ironic, because although we are technically more advanced than the rest of the world, our numbers, as a race are dwindling. We stand at 8% as whites, when by the end of the century we'll be around 2% of the world population.

    We're all being played and have been played over the last 200+ years. All major conflicts in the world have been created by the organisations that comprise the New World Order. The French, American and Russian Revolutions were all constructs of the NWO. The Crimean and Boar wars along with WW1 and WW2 were also created by the NWO. Vietnam, Korea, Gulf war 1&2, Afghanistan were created by the NWO.

    Sadly, our society continues to listen to the media which is being used to manipulate the people. It is controlled 100% by the NWO, who tell their editors what to publish. They control what the public knows.

    The last 100% free media outlet in the west left is the internet. Already they are trying desperately to control what we know. Many people, many truth seekers rely 100% solely on the internet to gather their information and to free the people from the shackles of future slavery.

    George Orwell, whom many of you know wrote the following:

    "He who controls the present controls the past. He who controls the past controls the future."

    If many of you know, Winston Smith the main character in the novel works in the Ministry of Truth, modelled on the BBC. It is his duty to rewrite history in order to fit into the lies of the present. Our history has been rewritten in order to fit in with the future. There are many things that many of you have all been taught, that are nothing more that blatant lies and enforced propaganda. Possibly the biggest lie is the original figure of Jews who perished in Hitler's concentration camps. You have all been reprogrammed and are so on a daily basis to not think and simply accept what you are taught. Critical thinking is now dying faster than a dodo I'm afraid to say and emotive reasoning has taken place over common sense logic. The Western world is now turning into the very country's ideologies, our forefathers fought against to stop from taking control of ours. Fascism, Nazism and Communism are all very much part of our makeup now. Many of you are simply unable to think and worse still, trust the very people who want to exterminate you and your families.

    You are all being lied to terribly and being programmed to hate Islam. How do I know? I was there. I was one of the automatons, who quite happily followed what the media said on Islam. I studied it, wrote on it and believed the inevitability of Islamisation of the West. And this is what they wanted me to think so it would make me angry and hate. And it did, until I saw cracks appearing in their propaganda.

    If Islam is such a threat to the West; If we are fighting in Afghanistan against "Radical Islam"; then why on earth are we allowing continuing immigration from these lands to our own and giving Islam (especially radical figures) freedom to grow and promote their culture here?

    This is what you all need to ask yourselves. You also need to switch off the TV, Radio and stop buying the Newspapers that are nothing but propaganda, disinformation mac

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    I think we need to keep an eye on Canadians. Micheal J Fox, Celine Dione, the guys in Rush and Sidney Crosby need to be on the no fly list.

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    It is not required nor intelligent to charge them immediately. It would be best to put them in Gitmo and water board them but liberals have required that they be released in NYC so they can continue with their business. I am glad they seem to be so fumble fingered and ignorant. Although I really don't have much use for New Yorkers as a species.

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    God's ethnicity is only implied through Jesus, his son, as Jewish Semitic White(Jews and the closely related Arabs are Semitic White). God never had a specified gender-King James's translators, being a male dominated society, interpreted ’Ĕlāh, the Aramaic name for God, to mean male. King James-Genesis1:27- "So God created man in his own image, in the image of God created he him; male and female created he them." - let the Bible speak for itself.

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    Who cares?

    Terrorism is a COMMON ENEMY to the FREE WORLD.

    These IDIOTS need to be opposed by all people who want to live their life not being in a constant state of fear.

    That isn't a function of your religion or race.

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    Islam is at war with the West. Everyone knows this except for our present leadership. We've got to stop fooling ourselves and take a stand or it'll never stop.

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    And you should be worried about it living in Canada? Yes, we Americans have the problem and the admistration has no idea what to do about it!! They are totally Lost in Space!

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    Thank God that we have the intelligence to root out those who would put us in jeopardy. The enemy knows many disguises, but we know who the terrorists, and their liberal sympathizers are.


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    Seems pretty obvious what connects all of these actors; they are all Muslims. Sounds like a single problem to me.


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    Eventually we will have to look out for ourselves, No one is Driving this train.

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