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Tornado warnings, what are your experiences?

I live in eastern Ontario, so I've never really experienced a tornado before, but I do know that the southern states get them. What are your experiences dealing with a tornado warning and how did you act?

Thanks, just curious to know! I'm a bit of a weather nut! :P


We also don't have the EAS alert, have you experienced one of those? I hear that they're extremely scary sounding!

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    I was working in a movie theatre in central Minneapolis when the sky got dark and we heard of a touchdown of a tornado in south Minneapolis. I went outside to gauge whether we should put the audience in the basement. As I looked up, I saw what looked like twigs and birds circling in the sky. Then I realized what I was seeing was 1,000s of feet up, and those were trees and 2 by 4s and construction material swirling around. Then I heard an explosion fairly close by. I went back inside and we had heard on the radio that the tornado had hit downtown, and jumped over the Mississippi River, 4 blocks away. It was still airborne when I saw it, and I later heard it blew the metal roof off of a factory. When I came to my senses and calmed down, I realized I had stood underneath a tornado. We never heard any warnings.

    The tornado went up University Hill, then jumped several miles to hit the St. Paul suburb of Roseville, where I was Community Editor of a small weekly. My press pass wasn't enough to get me inside to see and report on the damage, or check our office. We had no damage, but the tornado did $90 million in damage in Roseville alone (in 1979 USA dollars).

    Another time, in Waynesville, NC, the sky was a sickly yellow, the air pressure was tremendous, and then the town siren started. I rushed my two dogs down to the basement, shut and locked the door, knocked stuff off a heavy wooden table, knocked it to its side, and we crouched in the corner away from the three basement windows. Then my phone upstairs started ringing and wouldn't stop. I was exasperated, told my dogs to stay, and quickly ran up to answer it. It was my Mom, 60 miles away, calling me to say the TV said there had been a touchdown in the Waynesville area. I half-whined, explaining where I had been when she had called, and ran back downstairs. We waited about five minutes and the siren went off. An hour later the skies were clear. There was no damage except for a few trees down. Waynesville is in the Great Smoky Mountains, where tornadoes are very, very rare.

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    I live on Long Island,NY, USA. Tornadoes are more common here than people think. We get at least one tornado per year somewhere within the New York City Metropolitan Area. Though the worst I've seen in recent years were two EF-2 tornadoes that touched down the same day in Staten Island and Brooklyn in New York City back in 2007. Most are weak, short-lived and only affect a small area. We get a few tornado warnings a year and I really don't react much and there was never an EAS but now I notice they have the EAS for every single weather alert on my tv. The National Weather Service usually tells us to take cover immediately because they say, the tornado would be obscured by heavy rain and the wind produced by the thunderstorm. Most tornadoes don't happen when a warning is issued, most occur when only a severe thunderstorm warning issued. If it does occur, it's usually not until the storm is over and the damage is surveyed to confirm an actual tornado touchdown.

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  • I'm not from the states, but some of my family members live in Oklahoma City and we go there every summer! One time we were there and we had the sirens outside going off and I remember crying a lot (I was like 10 then lolz) because it was so dark outside and it was also noon but it felt like night.

    Our electricity blew out but before it did the tv was playing this exact sound:

    Youtube thumbnail


    Luckily it was just very windy and we didn't have a touch down near our house but it touched down elsewhere. Creepy! I hate going there every summer now cause it freaks me right the hell out lol.

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    I stay in Kansas. My center call is twister. yet incredibly, they in no way hit everywhere close to so that is not a huge deal as quickly as we get a warning. We only sit down there and proceed what we are doing.

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    there was this one time i was in pennslyvania. i was probably 5 or so. we had to lock down in the basement. and since we lived right near a lake, it got pretty freaking close. it blew away the jet ski. :(

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