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easiest credit card company to get a card from?

I moved to the US from Ireland recently and I am trying to get a credit card but as I dont have any credit in this country yet I am finding it extremely difficult to obtain one. Does anyone out there know of any companies who would consider me even though I have no credit history? Thanks for any help.

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    Most prepaid credit cards do not build credit. What would increase your likelihood of being approved for a credit card is a secured credit card. There is a difference between prepaid and secured. With prepaid, you borrow your own money. With a secured credit card, you provide a deposit that is held in case for liability and then you borrow the same amount from the lender.

    The whole point of a credit card and a credit history is to prove you can pay borrowed money back.

    Apply for a secured credit card online, with a bank, or with a credit union. Apply at any well-known and reputable institution.

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    Hi There,

    The best place to get a credit card is your own bank. If you can open a checking account, get a secured credit card from the bank you sign up with, some banks do not offer these, but some banks do, what you do is deposit say $300-$500 in your savings account, and they will give you a credit card with a certain balance on it. This is a real credit card, and after about a year, they then release the money in the savings account.

    If you get a credit card from certain companies for people without a credit history, the interest rate is very high, and not a great idea.

    Places like WalMart have prepaid credit cards, and all you do is put whatever amount you want on it, and when the amount is used up, you just add more money, put they charge you a fee every month, I think when you make a deposit on the card. The card has a visa or master card logo, and that way you can keep track of your spending, but these credit cards do not count in your credit history file. I hope this helps, good luck, H2H

    Source(s): 40 years of Banking experience
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    You are right. jsut like people who thought that ciggarettes were fine until theey were medically determined to cause DEATH. Credit cards are not designed to give the consumer a fiar advantage at all. they hide a lot of the details in the fine print but yes your right we are caught up in WANT WANT MUST HAVE instead of savingh up we use the good ol plastic. the interest rates are something that are not designe for an average person to even understand. the bottom line is they dont make there money on ppl who pay off credit card charges each month. they make money off ppl who can make only bare minimum payments and then God help you if you get late cause those late charges and od charges are the other half of the industries profits.

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    Your problem is the type of card for which you are applying, not the companies. You need to apply for a "secured" credit card, which is the easiest type of card to get.

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