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Why do Jews (Zionist Jews) own most world news companies,movies and media?

I am Jewish myself and I don't agree with this!


Verizon, Viacom, CBS, CNN, Disney, Paramount Pics, Dreamworks, Fox, ABC, TLC, BBC, Hollywood, British cinema, TNT, HBO, Chicago Tribune, NY Times, Warner, TIME and many more all Jewish run

Update 2:

the owner of CBS-his uncle used to be the PM of Israel

Update 3:

it will get reported cuz fellow Jews hate the truth. My 2 bffs are Jewish too and we talked about that last nite.

Update 4:

Global Tv of Canada to add to the list

Update 5:

Disney has been run by Jews for quite some time. The BBC is Jewish owned, my mum's best friend is a film producer for the BBC-she's the one who told me.

Update 6:

Each of these companies has a CEO, the CEOS are all JEWISH

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    im not saying Jews arent hard working or anything, im sure many are, but after the holocaust, people tend to give Jews what they want as sort of a apology gift, so its not to hard for them to climb up the economic ladder

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    Because Sam told them too.

    I know this is going to get reported. Oh well.

    Seriously though, Jewish people are really smart and really good with money. They can afford to run this stuff.

    Oh Megan...You and your crazy horoscopes.

    All of those (possible exception of BBC, which may be government run) are publicly held companies, with thousands of owners

    BBC is definitely not Jewish run, it's owned by the British government

    his casts into doubt all of the other companies claimed to be run by Jews

    "Robert Iger" - not a real traditional Jewish name... He runs Disney

    Viacom is owned by Jews, however

    Don't yell at me :( I don't know nothing. :'(

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    because they are secretly planing a revenge to germany, and then mexico is going to say "haa you got yous *** kick by jews!" and japan is going to regret ever forming alliance with germany :)

    Source(s): i'm 100% mexican and 5 of my friends are jews (living in the US)
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    I wasn't aware of that. If that is true, ill be obligated to do something about it.

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    They do?

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