i got math 20, is this bad???????

ok so i just got back from taking a placement test from the college im planning to attend in the fakk, so i too the easiest math test level and you needed to do it in a computer and it was timed, i was really nervous and worried that i wouldn't finish on time and i couldn't think straight! i even guessed on some cuz i forgot how to do them!

so when i finished i got my results and i got 20 out of 50 and i was placed on math 20 (pre-algebra)

and i was also placed on English 50.

so im really mad at myself for getting a very low math class and im worried that it will effect in what im majoring in, which is nursing!

Ive heard that the ,math is only elementary algebra but my others like my cousin who is majoring the same, says its going to be a real challenge for me!

so am i a stupid person for getting this class?????

i was never good at math and the highest ive gone is a low geometry class.

any suggestions?????????



i took

and fall

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    Pre-Algebra classes are almost always full so you are in good company. You have the option of retaking the placement test and placing in a higher course, but I found that most students who take this route end up failing or barely passing the higher course (unless the instructor is partcularly easy). Since you've struggled with math in the past, you are probably appropriatley placed. Just take the class seriously. Go to every class and do all of your homework. You'll be pleasantly surprised by how much you learn.

    In relation to your major, starting in Math 20 and English 50 may put you a semester or two behind the published degree plan. But, your education is not a race so a one year isn't that big of a deal.

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  • 1 decade ago

    i'm sorry dude. but maybe you should consider another career path. do an online career test.

    but then again i have no idea what nursing is like so i'm going to look it up.

    okay. well i have found a site that recommends education to get there. -- don't mind my grammar and spelling issues, i'm lazy when it comes to typing.

    Grade 12


    Algebra & Geometry





    Social Studies

    Health & Physical Education

    if you did good in most of those, you should be fine. good = 80-100% no lie. you want to be able to do it right ? not suffer trying to be a nurse ??

    sign up on this site of you can. my school signed me up. it's a really good site, that can help you choose career and tells about it and what the conditions are like and how much you earn and what education is best to take.

    Source(s): https://www.careercruising.com/Careers/JobDetails.... basically it's career crusing. but good luck. sorry for not helping so much.
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  • 4 years ago

    If i'm reading this maximum appropriate you skipped from Algebra a million to Calculus BC. You skipped like 3-4 years of math... user-friendly sense says while you're doing extraordinarily you should flow back and take some stipulations. a minimum of take a trig classification and algebra II to the right thank you to graph applications, finished the sq., ingredient, learn trig identities etc. there is easily no element of skipping forward in math till you're turning out to be to be A's interior the class you skipped forward into. i grew to become right into a 300 and sixty 5 days forward in math and by no potential even tried back in my intense college years. i did not learn, did not do homework, did not hear in school, yet ought to get A's on tests by potential of making use of my head. as quickly as I have been given into Calculus AB I had a awaken call, hell i could not even assist you to recognize what element slope formula grew to become into interior the initiating of the 300 and sixty 5 days. I studied my butt off for that classification, and does not bypass a single homework challenge, listened in school, etc. I went from a C- accepted the 1st semester to a A accepted 2nd semester and have been given a 5 on the AP try. Now i'm a sophomore in college and am taking differential equations and going for a math minor. Sorry to flow off on one in all those tangent approximately my tale or w/e even though it style of relates because of the fact i grew to become into such as you at a time.

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  • 1 decade ago

    I'm sorry man but that's pretty bad, I cannot asure you this but you probably wont get any semester hours for this course, as this class is most likely a developmental course. You should get to at least College Algebra to begin with. I took a test at my college, the first time and get in MATH 0306, which was Algebra 1 but then I retook it and got in MATH 1314 which was college Algebra, I got a B on it, and now I'm going to go to MATH 1316 which is trigonometry. If you think you really cannot get higher on that test then take those developmental courses, they most likely wont give you any semester credit hours, but they will give you a boost, so you can take college-level courses.

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    1 decade ago

    how are you going into college and taking pre-algebra?

    I'm not trying to be critical, but are you sure it's pre-algebra?

    I took pre-algebra in the 7th grade.

    But I don't think you need math to be a nurse? So i wouldn't worry about it.

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