How To Stop The Mexico Oil Spill What is the Solution for The Gulf Of Mexico Oil Spill? Well it is simple?

What is the Solution for The Gulf Of Mexico Oil Spill? Well for me it is simple first the Idiots should stop the flow of the oil from the source! This will stop the increasing pressure in the Pipeline if they were smart in building this pipeline there should be cut off valves every few kilometres or miles next they can use other methods to reverse the flow in to storage tanks or tankers! Here in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada We had a Sour Gas Well that was spewing Sour Gas into the Atmosphere my Solution to them was to go back in the Pipeline however far back where the Pipe is still strong and to inject a Plug like Liquid Nitrogen or even an air bag apparatus that can be deployed through a small Pipe made from Titanium Capped on the end that has special Air Bags on the Pipe that is wrapped around the Titanium Pipe and can be deployed instantly This is My Solution GOD WILLING! I Pray that we can Stop this Global Disaster and to stop this from happening again Don't you ever put a pipelines in the water again you stupid greedy Fools!


I posted my Question on CNN you would think that this would get nternational coverage but I am sure they don't care about the world CNN is just another tool to waste our time!

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    I thought of the same thing, about putting in a balloon, like they do to your heart to hold open the vain, but this one would swell up instead. Also thought of why don't they just used hydraulic concrete that's hardens up under water, i know they make it!

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    It happened, but now it needs to be over. Wild Fire Technologies, Inc. could have stopped this immediately, had this technology been onboard the rig already. Additionally, so much less oil would have spilled, that we could have had a hand in recovering the 11 people lost at sea.

    Wild Fire Technologies, Inc. can help. We've held a patented technology since 1991. It is an oil-well quencher. Ultimately, this product will squeeze the pipe closed and stop the flow of oil entirely. Then, the quencher is designed to remain on the pipe so an ROV can attempt to regain control of the flow of oil.

    Check out the YouTube video we've just made public. Help us get the product noticed and out there. We have the engineering reports to back up everything I said. It's a simple technology... let's use it.

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    Source(s): Jared Newnam Chief Operating Officer Wild Fire Technologies, Inc.
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    Why don't you ask Covidien? I'm sure if anyone happens to get sick from the chemical thats getting spilled in the gulf they might have some good ideas, they might even know the people doing it. There's actually a whole group of healthcare providers just waiting to give good ideas, tons of products just waiting to be sold to the American public, too bad they aren't sick. We really should have took a better look at that socialized healthcare now shouldn't we? You know whats amazing is they put so much of the chemical in the water, I could barely see the oil. I think out of all those pictures of the oil spill, I like the ones that look like the horse from the book of revelations and a snakes head from the book of genesis, some really scary stuff...

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    a million. Sue the environmentalist communities seeing that they set up the regs and so on effecting BP & others. 2. Sue the authorities. 3. Host pvt Acadmia & corporation Roundtable for Oil spills. 4. ALL oil Co have offshore Emerg Plans. 5. construct those berms for la state. 6. reduce regs & commence some thing. 7. Estd CP in NO for attempt. 8. Honor Gov Jindal requests.

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    The reason the greedy fools don't cap the pipe is that they don't want to stop the flow. They want to collect the oil so they can sell it. The environmental disaster obviously means nothing to them. Tunnel vision.

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    10 years ago

    The environmental disaster obviously means nothing to them

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