What are some good Romantic Comedy Animes?

Animes I have watched:

Ouran High School Host Club

The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya

Lucky Star

Umi no Monogatari - Sea Story.

Death Note

GA Geijusuka Art Design Class

Special A

Princess Lover


Wow... Thanks guys :D

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    Lovely Complex

    Cardcaptor Sakura

    D.N Angel

    Gakuen Alice

    Kamichama Karin


    Seto No Hanayome

    School Rumble

    Nyan Koi!



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    I know there's loads already but there's one not mentioned which I think you should definitly DEFINITLY watch! Even the fact you're a boy lol - Peach Girl. If you can't understand girls and want to see what we want in a guy and have a big laugh! This is the anime to watch! Seriously it's my favourite (after Ouran and School Rumble!)

    Peach Girl, quite dramatic too but funny! :)

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    lovely complex


    skip beat

    the wallflower

    fruits basket


    kare kano

    nodame cantabile

    nodame cantabile paris chapter

    nodame cantabile finale

    itazura na kiss

    pandora hearts

    kimi kiss pure rouge

    peach girl

    paradise kiss


    eden of the east


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    Shuffle! Harem, high school, slice of life. High fan-service.

    Student learns he can be the next King of Heaven or Hell...depending on whether he marries the King of Hell's daughter or the King of Heaven's daughter.

    Ah! My Goddess. College, slice of life. ***Still my all-time personal favorite anime***

    Keiichi Morisato is a mech engineering student at Nekomi University. Nice guy but prone to misfortune (and dateless). In fact his karma is so out of balance that when he accidentally calls the Goddess Help Line, they send him Belldandy to grant him one wish to redress the imbalance between the good he tries to do and the bad stuff that happens to him. A bit more light-hearted. Superb animation quality. Watch the 2 seasons of tv, the special (if you can find it) and the movie. Skip the OVA (older and too much material was tried to be compacted into 5 episodes).

    Kanon. High school, slight supernatural, drama.

    Boy returns to a town he hasn't lived in for 7 years. He's forgotten about the past. He runs into several singular personalities including a fiery red-head that holds a grudge...but cannot remember what it is, a cute small girl with a winged backpack, another student who is a self-proclaimed demon hunter. Amnesia is a recurring theme. At first seemingly unrelated you find it all ties together. Some angst but 90% happy ending.

    Clannad. High school, slight magic, drama. (Clannad After Story takes it up to 10 years later)

    Same people who did Kanon. Lots of little sub-plots and episodic stories...many of which tie together. Main character is considered to be the school delinquent, even though he isn't really.

    After Story has I think one of these best opening sequences (Toki wo Kizamu Uta). Lots of angst that goes way up in After Story. Watch both seasons to get the entire picture. Animation is very high quality.

    Love Hina. Harem (sort-of) borderline slapstick. This is a bit older so the animation quality is not quite as good. Still pretty decent though. A boy made a promise to his childhood friend to meet at the university when they grew up. Unfortunately now he cannot remember her face or name. He still wants to meet her so he keeps trying to get into Tokyo U. After the most recent failure he ends up running an apartment...populated by all girls. Not harem exactly as most of the girls beat the crap out of him regularly.

    Romeo X Juliet. Angst, drama, fantasy-based loose adaptation of Shakespeare. Not as much comedy in this one. 'nuff said.

    Fruits Basket. High school, slight supernatural, slice of life.

    Girl who's an orphan ends up living in a house belonging to a secretive family. Apparently when certain members of their family hug the opposite sex, they turn into an animal from the chinese zodiac.

    To-Love ru. High school. Sci-fi. More slapstick. Lots of fanservice.

    Boy while taking a bath has an alien girl land in his bathtub. He accidentally grabs her front...which in alien lingo means he proposed to her.

    Onegai Sensei/Please Teacher. High school.

    Young boy is prone to a coma-like condition known as 'standstill' He sees a UFO and an alien visitor which triggers his condition. The alien saves him. She's been sent to Earth as an observer. She becomes his school teacher. A bit older. But I love the seiyuu for the alien. Same voice as Belldandy (Ah! My Goddess). And for that matter Nagisa's mom (Clannad)

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    how about maid-sama, prince prince. really in love with this anime hohohhohohhoho

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    Please watch Marmalade Boy, it is really good.

    I love it. The romance is just so sweet.

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