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"Fait Accompli" will you c/c?

Even when the dew is fresh,

the stench of what is charred remains

in ashes from the fires I stoked,

believing them to be contained.

Ablaze with life, these hastily concluded

issues stay with me, disclosed

only under observation

of those iclined to be fully opposed.

Wretched waste. Defiled legends.

Facts just fueling indecision,

until I, seeking the conclusion

allude to things hard to envision.

Lightly tread through plains of ash,

wash away this dust, evidence

of all I have failed to accomplish,

instead achieving embitterment.

YA says this goes in 'Embassies & Consulates' how very diplomatic. (LOL Drolly delivered)

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    I find the message just slightly obscure which piques my interest, but not so unintelligible that I feel cheated at all. I wonder who they are who are inclined to be fully opposed.

    The last line leaves me feeling very sad. But I probably contributed to these charred remains.

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    Dear one out of those ashes the Phoenix will sore A bird that is a fire spirit with a colorful plumage and a tail of gold and scarlet (or purple, blue, and green according to some legends). It has a 500 to 1,000 year life-cycle, near the end of which it builds itself a nest of twigs that then ignites; both nest and bird burn fiercely and are reduced to ashes, from which a new, young phoenix reborn anew to live again , wish you happiness in your new life out of the ashes comes the new go girl FLY

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    As you expressed LC, there is no worse enemy in this life then that of ourselves towards ourselves. This was intensely deep and how great you pull the reader to your depths. It's better to voice what we put in denial then to lie to ourselves. Time can heal many things but the scars of the memories never fade whether we burn them or bury them- they remain to be part of who we become. Dana

  • 10 years ago

    Blessings to all. Life shed is bitter-sweet taste, we all have our season if you don't lose hope you will prevail take one step at a time and leave it in the hands of the one who love you the most. Peace to you.

    Source(s): A friend. Rosa.
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    Coherence here. We wonder why at times we waste the landscape before, yet almost worst to bide the silence knowing truth needs speaking.

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    10 years ago

    Public Nuisance Taxes

    Taxed to death by fates,

    who fulfills promises made

    by mere neonates?

    What becomes quite true

    is that states are always paid

    when taxes come due.

    Source(s): history
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    Past:J'ai fait Present: Je fais But the most logical (on the way u asked ur question), i would say j'ai fait ' :)

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    Blessed with wonderful answered advice, this write is painfully devoid of that which, in my life, reigns ultimate...FORGIVEN...I AM FORGIVEN! Praise God because the wretch He considers here...the filth and depravity from which He's wrenched him... FINALLY...makes that all so hard to believe...but believe I do...CHERISH my almost everyone...when will I, too, learn to take it PERSONALLY?!? Me...m'own worst critic...m'own hangin' judge!

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    Some have such difficulty in washing away those stains. They have , over time, become ingrained , like a tortuous tattoo on the core of their reasoning.

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    and some don't allow communication to explain matters, but take actions as personal. You have the most difficult time forgiving yourself, but I am still glad to see you back. Unpacked & settled yet?

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