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How do i get my Green card when i am a Canadian citizen.?

i'm 19 years old with my high school diploma and i am a Canadian citizen and i live in Canada, whats the easiest way for me to get a us green card?

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    There is no easy for you. Get a degree in Engineering. Then it will be easy.

    For a Canadian citizen to move to the USA, there is a backdoor system. Where you just go up to the border with a job offer letter from a US employer, pay US$56.00 and they stamp your passport and you are good for three years. And there is no limit to the number of times you can get a new visa for another three years. The catch is that you can only do this if you have a degree in certain fields. This is called “TN Status”. It is not really a visa and while on it you CANNOT apply for US permanent immigration.

    For a list of eligible degrees and skills look at:

    If you indicate you are planning on a permanent stay, you will be denied entry. This is only for temporary work.

    If you want to stay in the US permanently the choice is not up to you but up to your employer. If they feel you are worth it, they can spend about $5,000 on you for an H-1B visa. This is good for 3 years and can be renewed once. However, once you are on H-1B visa, then the employer can apply for a green card for to allow you to stay in the US permanently and eventually become a citizen. This will cost them about $12,000 and takes from 3 to 10 years depending on your degree and the backlog. However, once you have been initially accepted, your H-1B will be extended indefinitely until the green card comes through.

    Myself, I moved to LA in 2001 on a TN, got my H-1B in 2005 and my green card priority date is May 2008.

    If you do not qualify for a TN visa, you will not be able to get any other kind of employment visa either as you will not pass the labor certification.

    Once you are good to go on a TN see for relocation information.

    The next most popular way to move to the US is to marry a US citizen. The US citizen has to be over 21 and making more than 125% of a poverty line income to sponsor you.

    You can become a famous entertainer and be sponsored by a US entertainment company. Like Celine Dion did.

    If you have a parent, brother, sister of child that are over 21 years old that are a US citizen, they can sponsor you.

    Canadians do not qualify for the diversity lottery or refugee status in the US.

    Also note that 180 days after you move to the USA, you lose your Canadian medical coverage and are at the mercy of the US private medical insurance industry. The thing to remember is that they cannot ask you about pre-existing conditions if you already have medical insurance. And your Canadian Medicare, until it expires, is considered valid prior insurance coverage. My point is that you must enroll in US medical insurance before your first 180 days in the US is over.

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    TheRe is no easy way to get a green card, and it is nearly impossible for a Canadian to immigrate to the U.S. You must have an immediate family member to sponsor you . See site below.

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