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Computer boot problem / xp install?

I just created and formatted a new partition on my HDD and was installing XP on it, during setup just after it copies all the setup/installation files and reboots. It reboots to the screen with "press any key to boot from CD" however there are a couple of colored characters randomly on the screen and it freezes at this point. Stuck on the screen however the characters still flash. I tried completely deleting the partition and rebooting but it doesn't boot past the POST. i can still access the BIOS.

So i originally had vista on a 320GB HD, i created a new 70gb partition on the HD to install XP on (so i have vista on 230GB, 70GB partition and 20GB of unallocated space. I tried deleting the 70gb partition and it still won't boot. Don't have the Vista installation discs only the XP disc. I've probably done something really silly here but have no idea where to go from here... Also i can't clear the CMOS because opening the case will void the warranty.

have run diagnostic on startup and everything seems to be fine.



(get to this stage of the XP install)

After Reboot


Get stuck on a screen similar to that EXCEPT there are a few random colored characters scattered across the screen (yellow,purple,green etc.)


Don't have a screenshot of the colors.

There are 3 highlighted characters a ; , A, and u.

one of the characters is flashing.

This only occurs just after setup finishes copying the installation files. This doesn't occur when i boot from hard drive

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    "however there are a couple of colored characters randomly on the screen and it freezes at this point"

    can you post a screenshot on this stage?

    cannot see the colored thingie in all of screenshot you've provided

    random colored screen garbled usually caused by defect in memory modules or vga defect.

    but if your installation process freeze, memory defect is very possible


    well...since you don't have a Windows Vista installation cd with you, to solve your situation you can do the following :

    - Unplug your harddrive.

    - Get another working computer, plug your harddrive in it as slave ( or not as boot disk )

    - Backup your data (documents, pictures, music, videos, email files, bookmark, etc)

    - After you're sure, you have all of your data backup, unplug your harddrive.

    - Plug it back to your computer.

    - Boot using XP cd, remove all partitions then install XP from scratch

    - If installation goes well, restore your data.

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    I think because you formatted the drive without system file on it try to start with boot up cd you get to drive a:\ then type the followings

    format c:/s press enter and follow to the end of format after the format is done try to install windows.

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    Oh noes! :3 Erm, as some distance via fact the partitioning is going, you have completed all that good, via fact once you place the disc in it may load up and each thing then ask you what rigidity to place in it to. desire that's making experience, that's fairly early! : could sound somewhat daft yet do you have any USB frustrating drives or something plugged into your computing device once you get the Blue reveal? Does it nonetheless load up in Vista if the XP Disc isn't in??

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