will old weeds grow through new sod?

just wondering the best method to ensure that my old weeds dont come up through my new sod. I currently have grass with lots of creeping charlie and other weeds mixed in. My plan is to rend a sod cutter and stripe the whole top layer off, then put down a couple inches of soil....then new turf. I just am concerned that the weeds will still have roots in the soil and could come up on my new grass. Any input would help. I would hate to kill my new sod by spraying it to kill the weeds.....not sure where to go from here.........Thanks. Ryan.

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  • Rob E
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    1 decade ago
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    Many weeds can grow through concrete, and those weeds with good root systems have the energy to push through several inches of new soil, as well as sod.

    It would be better to remove all of the weed roots and debris before laying your new lawn, as this will prevent you having to fight weeds that will disrupt fairly quickly, once they grow back.

    By leaving the old grass there, or parts or it, after cutting away at it, then you'll leave nutrients around for the new grass, but also any old weed seeds and roots, so the choice is yours. Digging everything out is harder work, and easier on a small plot. Using weedkiller on establishing grass can stress it, making it harder to establish itself, even if it's a selective weedkiller, just to kill broad leaved plants.

    This partly depends on the weeds - tiny annual weeds are less of a problem than weeds that can over-winter with a good root system, as well as your available work load etc. Creeping Charlie, for example, is a perennial that can live for several years, even though it's a fairly dwarf plant. One option is to apply a broad leaved weedkiller onto those plants that are likely to be the worst, before removing their roots and the old grass as you plan to - kind of like an insurance against getting weeds. This should knock them back and remove all or most of them - read the warnings on the period of time that the poison remains active for though. Some are contact killers that are immediately deactivated upon use.

    Hope this helps. Good luck! Rob

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    4 years ago

    Laying Sod Over Weeds

  • Anonymous
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    The bulbs should have been removed before the new sod was put in. The only way to do this is to dig them up. Was your landscaper aware that they were there? If so, then it was probably responsibility. They need to be dug up if they are not wanted. You can transplant them to another part of the yard also. As far as weeds go, they are gonna germinate every year, new sod or not. That's just nature. Landscapers, I have found, are okay for putting in new plants, but as far as maintaining a lawn, some of them don't know jack. You will probably need to apply a pre-emergent in the fall or late winter depending on where you live. Some of the weeds that come up in spring will die away with the heat of summer, so I just leave them alone. If you are in the U.S check with your county extension service. That's what they are there for. They can give you all the info you need and a schedule of when to do things for the area in which you live. A beautiful lawn is a time consuming commitment but well worth it.

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    What we do is a total kill on the area where the new sod will go.....this is going to take time though...

    First spay a total kill weed control, no need to saturate into the soil , but coat the plants and soil evenly...kill everything....then cut it out like you planned..then rake it Clean of roots and debris , turning it to expose weed roots under the soil, this is important...you can use all the weed killer you want, but if the roots go into protection mode and are left behind eventually they will re grow....

    After you have done that....soak the soil too see if any weeds start sprouting, (takes a few days) then rake out anything that is green and germinating... at this point you are ready ...if you feel you need soil , then do so , BUT what we do is to apply SOIL BOOSTER BLEND to the existing soil ..We have spray rigs but you can get a hose end sprayer or fertigation unit fairly inexpensive, either way apply it to the soil 5 to 7 days before laying the sod (can re apply if you like) ....This will make your soil Fertile , and remove any chemical residue from the weed killer, it also puts Organic matter back into the soil (biology) weeds do not like a healthy soil so this will hep you long term..

    Once you lay the sod ..Apply the SOIL BOOSTER BLEND again over the top, and continue to water daily until it is rooted do not over water......The soil booster will cause the sod to take quickly and spread it's roots which will choke out weeds in the future as well.... usualy in 7 to 10 days , you will have a tuff time pulling the sod up at all....

    The fertigation Unit is perfect, because you can fill it with the Soil booster blend , attach it to your above groung sprinkler and it applies it for you, evenly I might add. so as your watering any way your applying.Then when you want to fertilize , you can use this same unit for that as well...micro feeding is the most effective way to fertilize.....BUT in the future go with Natural and Organic fertilizers ...or at the very least continue to use the Soil booster blend after a synthetic fertilizer application..like from scotts turf builder.. etc .....synthetic fertilizer shocks , stresses and hurts the soil over time ...making the perfect environment for weeds ...weeds will not grow in abundance in healthy soil...if at al and you can just go out and pul the ones that do come up..or spot treat them...

    This is a big project ...if you want talk and go over this, I will be happy too... contact adrianne at Greener green grass and let her know you need to speak to Ron from Florida or shoot me an e-mail through this site...I'll give you my number......I put the link for Soil booster ...she also sells the Fertigation unit....Good luck...this is not hard at all.....


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