Survey:-What is Right age for Sex Education for Children?

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    For any age and any level of discussion, there are a few helpful concepts to include in your talk about sex.

    Talking to Preschool Children About Sex

    Even during the preschool years, children may have some basic questions. And it is time even at this young age to start talking about the values associated with close, loving relationships.

    Talking to Young Children About Sex

    Ages 4-8 are when the questions usually start coming. What is appropriate to say at this stage, and what is not?

    Talking to Pre-Teens About Sex

    The tween years are when the questions get a little more clinical, but while addressing those issues, tweens also need to hear more about the values and morals associated with sex and sexual activity.

    Coping with Teen Sexuality Issues

    It is often in the teenage years when hormones begin to run wild and children need the most frank and honest discussions about sex and sexuality.

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    Of course talking with your children about sex is extremely difficult when you have questions of your own, and no comfort level or practice. But waiting doesn’t make it easier, and the most important thing for you to do is be willing to listen to your child and help them find answers even when you don’t have them.

    Sexuality is an intrinsic part of who we are, from birth to death. And while our sexuality isn’t the same when we’re six as when we’re sixteen, or sixty, it is always there and always a part of us. So the question isn’t so much when to start talking with your children about sex, but how to do it at every age and stage of their lives.

    Thus Teaching your children about sex should begin as soon as you’re communicating with them. If they have questions they’ll let you know. And even if they don’t, you can let them know that you’re open to the questions by including sex education in all the things you teach them.

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    If we're talking about the mechanics of sex and puberty, I'd say it should be taught the first time (although certainly not the last) in 4th grade. When I was a kid, it was routinely taught in 5th grade, but that was because girls were starting to get their periods in 6th grade. Now for whatever reason (be it hormones in the milk or higher body fat or whatever), girls are hitting puberty earlier (I have no idea about boys. Sorry.) and I think there's value in teaching the biology before your students are going through it first hand.

    I would get more into the finer points of birth control and STDs in middle school and cover it again in high school for good measure.

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    I dont know but it needs to start earlier and be alot more intense of a course to get through. Maybe start out with some good old basics in 5th or 6th and I think we should keep it going throughout highschool till they graduate. We need to spend alot more money on the program. I only remember having sex ed in 7th grade for a semester and thats crazy to me. We obviously have a problem with teen pregnancy and STDs so we obviously need to change something.

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    it should be mind not age

    as if mind gets what is informed

    then it works

    so i believe

    it should be right mind

    instead of age

    but it should be over 10 in usa etc,

    and 14 above in countries like india etc hope my calculation can be right

    by by...................

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    my opinion, around 5th grade, that is when it was in my school, seems right.

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