Information on farming in Mexico?

I have to do a project for family studies. Here's the parts of the assignment I'm having trouble with:

2.What is farmed in that country, what are the major crops that they export (about 1/2 to one page of information):

3. What are the Staple Foods (families prepare most of their meals using these ingredients/plan meals around these ingredients--such as grains, potatoes, meat & poultry in Canada):

I'm doing this project on Mexico, and I'm having a lot of trouble finding info. Any info or links you have would be great. Thanks!

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    Much of Mexico is desert or mountains and not suitable for farming. I live in the state of Veracruz whuch has a long coastline and lots of mountains. However the climate is perfect for growong many things. Coffee is a top crop here and consedered to be among the best in the world. Other major crops are sugar cane. and all kinds of fruits and vegetables.. There are bananas, pineapples, apples, peaches. mangoes, oranges, limes. grapefruit, tomatoes,lettuce..and many other fruits and veggies. There are also many cattle ranches in Veracruz. Beef is a major export from Mexico to the U.S. and Japan, especially. Vanilla and cinamon are grown in Veracruz and exported.

    The staple foods are corn tortillas, black beans and rice. Chicken is the most popular meat, but lots of beef and pork is also used. There are many stores that sell roast chicken for carry-out. another favorite is chicken in mole ( molay) sauce...made from coffee. There are many different kinds of peppers used in cooking. Here in Veracruz we have lots of seafood...and octopus is very popular. They have them displayed on ice with the tentacles spred out in the seafood area of every market. Many people make many kinds of great home made soups and sauces...most meat in served in some kind of sauce. Vanilla and cinnamon are grown here in Veracruz and exported. Macroni and cheese is popular, but is totally different from mac and cheese in Canada. they cook and drain the macaroni, mix in mayonaise and cream, add chuncks of white cheese and often chuncks of is very good. It can be served hot or cold. Tacos are totally different than in Camada...they do not have ground beef in them...they have either chucks of beef, pork, or chicken, or a mixture of meats. No cheese or lettuce on top....though white cheese and lettuce are added on top of many other things. Good luck on your paper.

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    A lot come from the Gulf Of Mexico. My Uncle used own two shrimp boats down around Aransas Pass, Texas. I've also bought fresh shrimp right off the shrimp boat in a little fishing town in California. Can't remember the name.

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