candian british dual citizenship?

i am a british citizen and i am planning to get married from candian women so ...would i be able to get the canadian citizenship to stay in canada


so how i can stay permanent with her in canada as i am not even interested in the canadian citizenship

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    Canada does allow and accept dual citizenship. However just marrying a Canadian citizen provides you with no automatic rights to "just stay in the country". Nor does it mean you can get Canadian citizenship just because you married a Canadian citizen.

    You would have to apply for a spousal visa, and meet the residency requirements BEFORE you would be eligible to apply for Canadian citizenship.



    To stay with her in guys will need to either apply for a fiance visa (if you are not married) or a spousal visa if you are married.

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    I don't think Canada allows dual citizenship, you can either be Canadian or not. I think this is the case but I would double check.

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