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Was this common knowledge?

Actor James Mitchell a.k.a. Palmer Cortlandt of AMC died back in January. Of course, his character was written out of the show, but was done in good taste. When reading about him, it said that he had lived with 'his partner' (naming a male) for several years, which indicates that Mitchell was gay. It doesn't make any difference, but this was quite a surprise to me. Was it common knowledge that he was gay??

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    I didn't know this either until I read about his death. It makes absolutely no difference to me. He was a great actor and a great asset to the show. Apparently he was a great dancer, too. One of the articles I read after his passing had Susan Lucci reminiscing about a time with James Mitchell when he swept her off her feet, literally, and the two began dancing. She was thrilled to be dancing with "Jimmy Mitchell."

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    It wasn't something that I knew either, and of course doesn't make any difference either. I thought the article was really nice, I learned a lot about him and how highly regarded he was by his co-stars. I haven't watched AMC in years, but loved the stories with him back in the day!

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    I don't know if it was common knowledge either. I had only heard that he was gay after his death. He wasn't the kind of actor that you'd expect to hear gossip about anyway, so I wasn't surprised that I knew so little about his personal life.

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