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What should be done about corruption?

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    Hmmm, this is a difficult one. To an extent, there will always be corruption in the world, but I don't agree that there's nothing we can do about it.

    I think we're already doing more to tackle it than we realise. We educate people from a very young age, but we don't just teach them History or Geography. PSHE lessons are dedicated to teaching schoolchildren about right and wrong, and the importance of sacrifice-we can't always get what we want.

    When people in positions of trust are proved to be corrupt, we make it known. We show people the consequences of such behaviour. I can't count how many times I've heard about doctors being struck off the register and MPs being sacked, on the news.

    We can't really stop trusting people altogether because we need trust. We need to trust the government and our soldiers and our doctors.

    This means that people will always have the opportunity to be corrupt, it's unavoidable and all we can do is educate them.

    edit-Maddy, thanks, you've given me something to think about :)

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    Okay, this is a really big question. And I'm challenging you by asking if you actually want to know the answer or people's opinions or whether you just asked to make it seem as though you care. The fact that you've just asked the question without any details or explanations would suggest to me the latter. But you know, that's just what I think.

    One person wrote, that 'we' make sure that those who are corrupt are discovered and kind of "pay the price". I think that's what they wrote anyway, correct me if I'm wrong though. Except in actuality that only happens in MEDC's. I don't live in the "Western World" any more and I'm just saying how I see it. Now, here, nothing is done about corruption because it is simply taken that that's the way it is. No-one questions the government or even questions the actions of those in power. Anyway, back to your question, I think that things can be done about corruption. What do people mean you can't do anything? Of course you can always do something, the question is whether you want to or not.

    Now since you didn't specify I am assuming that you are asking what should be done to eradicate corruption rather than to encourage it. Because technically your question could mean what should we do to have more corruption, if you understand me. Assumptions are dangerous, but I am going to assume that you want (or rather you are saying you want) to stop corruption. I personally think that it starts with yourself. Don't encourage it. For example, don't give people bribes and don't except them. Where I live, bribes are common so this may not directly relate to the environment around you. Anyway, you can do little things yourself to stop "corruption". It also depends on what you define as corruption because there are many different levels to corruption as with everything, so you need to figure out what you think is corruption and what are the little things you can do to help prevent it.

    So this is my answer, you may or may not take my advise, but you are the one who asked for it, so here it is. As you should with everything else, take my advice with a pinch of salt and a grain of suspiciousness. But then again, that's just my advice on how to take my advice.

    Good luck whether or not you are serious about this I hope you find out what you really want to ask. Although maybe you were serious, I'm just a suspicious person.

    : )

    Source(s): 14 as well. I don't know whether age matters, but I am guessing that you won't take me as seriously now that you know my age. But that's life, so you just have to roll with it. Or rather, I do.
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    Nothing can be done, it's always going to be in our every day life.

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    Jail, followed by a lifetime of shunning and isolation.

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    I agree with Lauren.

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