I can't access megaupload in this area...?

Does anyone know how to download files off megaupload? I can't access megaupload in my area. I am in Hong Kong.

The web page says "This service is temporarily not available from your service area."


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  • 10 years ago
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    I had same problem when I was in Hong Kong. Megaupload is an Hong Kong Company and service but it is not working in Hong Kong. What a ridiculas thing is that.. but Mega Manager was working in Hong Kong. If you are a member of Megaupload you should install Mega Manager. You will not able to download Mega Manager because you can not access their page. I uploaded Mega Manager for you. You can use this link and download Mega Manager and use it. => http://cramit.in/0kjxxnfzgnnr

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