survival rate for Leukaemia in 16 year old teen?

A guy in my school got diagnosed with Leukaemia. hes 16 and very athletic and healthy. I was wondering if there was an estimate or expectation for teens around his age to survive or not? and if so then is there a ratio or percentage? any information helps. i can't get much more info on his situation so try to make do

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    It depends on the type of leukemia.

    Acute myelocytic leukemia (AML) or acute lymphocytic leukemia (ALL) ?

    [ A 16 year old is not likely to have one of the chronic leukemia types.]

    There are at least seven types of AML alone.

    They all have differing survival rates.

    If you want an educated answer on this site, you must be specific.

    We would like to help you - if you would tell us which disease you are asking about.

    "Leukemia" is not one disease - just as "cancer" is not one disease..

    Source(s): MD hematologist and medical oncologist - cancers and leukemias specialist doctor for 20 years
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    There are several types of leukemia----some are chronic and some are acute---and there may be others that I am not familiar with. The rates of remission seem to improve more all the time as research makes more discoveries. Many people who are diagnosed with it go on to live a long time, often with medical help from time to time. Treatments aren't easy, I'm sure, but are the key back to good health. I was told that the younger it's caught the better, like under 18, so it sounds like a very good chance that he may outlive us all. Friends are really important to him now as he needs encouragement and support until he gets to the other side of this difficult journey and regains his health.

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    Has he tried Prayer ? it works God bless this young man and we will also keep him in our Prayers !Leigh,

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