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Oil and the Gulf of Mexico spew How much of the coastlines are being impacted if at all?

Do you live on or around the Gulf -- or the coastal areas impacted ?

How bad is this and how wide spread ?

Just the States on the Gulf coast or other places ? The east side of Florida or just the west side -- the eastern coastal areas or no ?

Cuba and other Caribbean nations ?

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    Most of the major impact has been exclusive to poor Louisiana

    Some tar balls have landed in Alabama and in Florida

    I have noticed no change at the beach nearest to me

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    There is not any problem on Mississippi beaches. There are some limited problems offshore at some of the uninhabited barrier islands. The seafood fishermen are being restricted on where they can fish. The impact to the availability of fresh gulf shrimp and some types of fish could be severe but is not yet that bad.

    The Louisiana marshes are getting hit with lots of oil. This will impact the present wildlife and also many migratory birds in the fall if the oil is not controlled.

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