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What are shampoos that can straighten your hair?

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My overprotective mom won't let me straighten my hair ever and she thinks my hair is already staright when its really not. So do you guys know any shampoos that can make my hair ...show more
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  • ? answered 5 years ago
herbel essences dangorusly stait shampoo, and conditioner
get a clip, or nob, and pull down hard ad straiten with ur hands
also, put it in a bun, or a cute hair style to make itbeautiful!!!
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  • Hotnail.com answered 5 years ago
    As far as I know there is no shampoo that can straighten hair.

    It can make it softer or lustrous looking but cannot make it straight.

    Hair can be made straight temporarily by using heat which is best done in a beauty parlour.

    But the next time you shampoo it will go back to it's original shape.

    Live with what you've got. And love it.

    Or wait till you are grown up and can afford it, then do WHATEVER you want with your hair or even the rest of your body, without the consent of your parents.

    It's YOUR life

    All the best.
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  • Liz answered 5 years ago
    here r sum shampoos u can try....-
    1) sunsilk straightning shampoo
    2) satinique shampoo and mosque
    3) avon straighntning shampo
    4)dove shampoo

    choose a good shampoo that wont dry out ur hair so choose 1 tht suits ur hair type. sunsilk is good becoz it works on any hair type. satinique is my best reccomended becoz it duz wonders for ur hair!! criusly, once u use it hair is so soft n silky n straight!!!! its just relli astonishing....and its from a very trusted company-amway. try it n i 100% guarentee u will be satisfied. avon straightening shampoo has satisfying but not excellent results. dove damage repair is good bcoz is givs therapy 2 ur hair making it much more managable n easy 2 straighten. so after using 1 of these shapoos,
    lather generously, and rinse. then use conditioner, and rinse, but dont wash it out completely. 2% of it shud still bve left in ur hair. wen u apply conditioner, take ur comb and comb ur hair straight down. wait wid conditioner on ur head for 10 minutes. then rinse, leaving 2%. wen drying hair, blot, dont rub. den comb straight ur wet hair. comb straight and hold comb at end of hair, wid comb still in hair, n wid a hair dryer, dry that portion of hair. do this to all ur hair and it will be straight. alte5rnativly, if u dont hav a hair dryer, apply hair straightening gel over damp hair. comb 2 minutes after applying. wen ur hair dries, it will be straight!!! good luck, hpe i helped!!


    my mom is a certified cosmetologist, and i had the same problem as u did.
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  • insert name here answered 5 years ago
    sadly, no shampoo can do that. Some advertise saying it will make hair straight, but they are all gimmicks. They are basically two ways to get straight hair:

    HEAT: This is the most effective. And it's the one you aren't allowed to do :(

    Products and BUN: Shower and while hair is wet, slather on smoothing cream and then put your hair in a low pony and wrap it around itself tightly. bobby pin everything in place and then sleep with wet hair. In the morning take it out and you will have straight (wavy-ish) smooth hair but it looks very pretty!
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  • PaRtY AnGeL answered 5 years ago
    Herbal Essence Dangerously Straight shampoo & conditioner (inexpensive)
    TIGI Control Freak shampoo and conditioner (expensive)
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  • Praveen answered 5 years ago
    no Shampoo can perfectly straighten ur hair....but they do ...to some extent
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  • enri-k answered 5 years ago
    no shampoo cAN straighten perfectly !!
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  • What are shampoos that can straighten your hair?
    My overprotective mom won't let me straighten my hair ever and she thinks my hair is already staright when its really not.
    So do you guys know any shampoos that can make my hair really straight?
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