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When were metal soles added to tap shoes?

i have a school prohect on a dance. i chose tap. i'm finnished 3/4 of my project. but i have a question! i what year did metal soles appear on tap shoes?

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    'Buck played piano and Bubbles sang and danced from Indianapolis in 1912, all the way to New York City. They broke color barriers by headlining the white vaudeville circuit across the U.S. Buck's variations in tempo forced Bubbles to adapt his dance steps in response. By then thin metal plates, or taps, had been added to the leather-soled shoes of dancers, the origins of tap shoes. This further enhanced performances by upgrading the dimension of sound. The development of a new tap style, which involved both toe and heel steps, was more complicated."


    "It was not until the period between 1900 and 1920 that tap dance emerged as a dance form in its own right. With it, tap dance shoes were born. In the earliest days of tap dance, pennies or hobnails were hammered into the toe and heels of shoes, to create the tap sound as performers danced. Before 1910, tap dancers wore shoes made with leather uppers and wooden soles, so that the wood tapped out the beat. After 1910, it became the fashion to apply metal taps to the bottoms of tap dance shoes. "


    "The term "Tap" came into popular use as late as 1902.

    In late 19th-century two techniques were popularized: a fast style in wooden-sole shoes (also called Buck-and-Wing) and Soft-Shoe, a smooth, leather-sole style. These styles gradually coalesced, and by the 1920s metal plates, or taps, attached to shoe bottoms, had been added to leather-soled shoes. Before then, most shoes were made of leather uppers and wooden soles, while others had hobnails or pennies pounded into the toe and heel. "


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    I wouldn't recommend putting tap plates on your character shoes. Character shoes are made differently to tap shoes, I imagine that tap shoes would also have a thicker sole. Character shoes usually have a lot more of skinny heel compared to tap shoes as well, so I don't know if you could get tap plates to fit. If you did put them on, you would also have holes in the shoe as well. Hope this helps :)

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