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Are these names okay for my book characters?

BTW the book is about a reality show and the characters are contestants on the show. BTW, the characters are listed in teams. Team one first, girls first, youngest to oldest...just in case ur wondering why it goes 14-18, 14-18, 14-18, 14-18, girls, boys, girls, boys....yea....

Skylar-14, female, usually goes by Skylar, but goes by Skye on the show cuz she thinks it's cooler. Isn't particularly popular back home, but she wants to be popular while she's on the show so she makes friends with Amber (see below). She has dirty-blonde hair, freckles, and green eyes.

Katy-15, female, has an annoying preppy sister named Amber (see below) who she hates, but they're stuck on the same team. She's really smart, but not nerdy and she has friends, but isn't like super popular or anything. She's average-looking with brown hair, brown eyes, and a few freckles. She's kind of outspoken too.

Amber-16, female, has an annoying loser sister named Katy (see above, btw, when I say the things about Katy and Amber being annoying, that's their opinion of eachother), is super popular and a cheerleader, a bit stuck-up, thinks she's better than most people on the show, blonde hair, blue eyes, perfect skin, drop-dead gorgeous.

Maya-17, female, cute, gets along with almost everybody except for Josh (see below). She loves animals and lives on a farm, she has shoulder-legnth curly red hair and blue-grey eyes.

Carmel-18, female, just graduated from high school, is team captain. She's really responsible and smart and can handle pressure. She is black and has long brown hair and chocolate brown eyes.

Marty-14, male, wants to be grown-up, but people always see him as a kid. Short, shaggy brown hair, bright green eyes, freckles. Gets homesick while he's on the show and has to go home.

Daryl-15, male, kind of nerdy, but is really helpful when they have to do tricky challenges for the show. He is really unfashionable and has a bad haircut (his hairs brown by the way and so are his eyes), but he's kind of cute underneath all that. He doens't have glasses by the way. Just sayin cuz i no some people think glasses as soon as I say nerd)

River-16, male, football jock. He likes Amber (see above) and they start dating while they're on the show. He's kind of stuck-up and thinks he's better than everyone, especially Daryl (see above) Dirty blonde hair, blue eyes.

Trey-17, male, punk, plays electric guitar. He's really full of himself and wants to be famous. He's only on the show because he hopes someone will give him a record deal if they see him playing his guitar and singing on tv. Black and red hair, dark brown (almost black) eyes.

Josh-18, male, manwhore. Hits on every single girl in sight. Blonde hair, blue-green eyes, insanely gorgeous. (Think leonardo dicaprio in titanic, except he's an *******!)

Bria-14, female, shy, but wants to be more confident and have a more unique look. She has long, light brown hair that kind of acts as a curtain to cover part of her face and light blue eyes. She gets Lexa (see below) to help her change her look, but it ends up going horribly wrong so she goes back to her old look.

Lauren-15, female, snobby, stuck up, rich. Goes to a fancy private boarding school in England and thinks she's better than everybody else. She has golden blonde hair, bright green eyes, and always looks amazing.

Rosie-16, female, goth. She's from Canada and loves to sing and is about to release her first single in Canada. She has dark purple hair with black streaks and dark red underneath and does her makeup in dark shades of purple, red, and black. She's really fun, but she's a little bit outspoken and tells it like it is.

Lexa-17, female, scene queen. Blonde hair with pink coontail streaks that she teases everyday, brown eyes, does scene makeup (look it up if you don't know that scene means) She makes fun of everyone else, except Bria (see above), for being either boring and unoriginal or a freak.

Wendy-19 (says shes 18 to get on the show, but she's really 19), female, university freshman (only got there cuz of her dad's money). Really irresponsible and loves to party. Giant whore. Blonde, blue eyes, a few freckles, loves pink.

Edward-14, male, the sweetest guy ever. His mom needs an operation so he went on the show to win money to pay for it. He tries to be positive and upbeat, but his heart is really breaking the whole time because even with the operation his mom still might not make it. Light brown hair, brown eyes.

Zeke-15, male, claims to be a model, but really just works at McDonalds. He really wants to be accepted so he makes up all these lies about how awesome he is. Dark brown hair, brown eyes, insanely gorgeous.

Dylan-16, male, funny class-clown type guy. He's really outgoing and makes an effort to be friends with everyone. Black hair, brown eyes, chinese-american.



(I think this is where it cut off....)

Camden-17, male, shy and sweet. Likes Maya (see above) and later starts dating her secretly. Camden has jet-black hair, ice-blue eyes, and glasses.

Doug-18, male, loves to party. Is engaged but cheats on his fiancee all the time. Huge *******. Brown hair, brown eyes, okay looking, but not insanely gorgeous.

Feel free t

Update 2:

****! didn't copy it again after i finished writing. the bottom's suppossed to say:

feel free to suggest alternatives. I also need last names so that would be really helpful. Thanks!


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    Pretty good, but don't you think this might be a few too many characters to write about? If you try and switch POVs with all these characters, you never really explore each person's personality and motives, and readers can struggle to connect with characters if this happens. Perhaps lose a couple you aren't sure about?

    Not sure about the names Camden, Lexa, Skylar and Bria. They seem a bit unusual for a reality show. Also, don't forget to explain each characters' motives for being on the show. I love Edward's motive about his mum, however I definitely think you should change the name, because the name Edward is WAY too associated with Twilight now, especially if he becomes a character's love interest, which he sounds like he would. I think the name Daniel really suits him, but thats just my opinion.

    I can see which 'side' you have taken by the way you have described some of your characters, for example you described Amber as 'super popular cheerleader' with 'annoying loser sister' which says you're against her, and you described Edward (call him Daniel :D) as 'the sweetest guy ever' which says to me that you like that sort of guy, not 'complete assholes'. If you change your POV to Amber, for example, make sure you don't accidentally describe a character using your opinion. Make sure it's HER'S.

    Hope this helps.

    Please change Edward, preferably to Daniel :D


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    I love the names. However I dont like the names Trey, Bria and Wndy. Maybe change the names. But I love them a lot. Especially Dylan, Maya and Amber.

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    try removing the uncommon names from the list, since it's supposed to be about a reality show

    the names should sound more like the names of people you encounter everyday

    good luck on your book

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    cool but hard to keep up with all the names. Good luck. <3

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