how it is to live in ecuador?

Is it difficult to open a business over there, how is electricity, internet and phone, english school, how much money to live for at least 9 months with a family of 6, 2 adults and 4 kids, ages 15, 13, 6, and 4 please tell in details we are in Canada and that's the only place our kids know and lived all our life so help please, we would like to know if we can search for job before we move, our plan is to open a restaurant so would that work i know it may depend on where we move to in the country but can you give suggestion, we speak Spanish, portuguese, French and english but we need english school for our kids. I may have more question but for now that's all i can think of.

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    I live in Ecuador moved here from Canada, my son goes to private English school and its about $400 per month he's only 4 so it will go up, but thats the expensive school normal price would be $150 per month.

    They use the same type of electricity but its 220v but same plugs so you don't have to modify it, Any type of restaurant works here , the people love to go out to eat. French or maybe Brazilian BBQ. Even Hamburger places do well , You can open a rotisserie Chicken like Swiss chalet or St Hubert's , they have rotisserie and they are packed every night, but I never found one as good as the one's I mentioned from CANADA !

    If you have more Questions i'll try to e-mail you or just post here......Ren

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    My parents took my brothers and I to Ecuador at about the same ages as your kids. They will love it! We did.

    To find a good English school you'll have to stick to bigger cities: Guayaquil, Quito and Cuenca are good bets.

    Phone and Internet service is improving. Again if you choose a bigger city you should be OK. We live in Tena and still have some issues, especially with land line phone service.

    Electricity is pretty good. Power outages do occur, but not as often as the once did.

    Once you get your work visa I would suggest going right into your business. Work in Ecuador is hard to find and what is to be found pays very low wages. A good restaurant could be a great idea especially in tourist areas. Other than Ecuadorian food, Chinese and pizzerias are very popular. Some more variety would be nice to see. :)

    For more info, my website is listed below. There are quite a few pages dedicated to moving to Ecuador, which include some of our experiences living there.

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