i cant drink beer because of gout but can i drink everclear or vodka?

they said beer is high in uric acid because of brewers yeast but what about everclear or vodka

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    It is not the yeast in the beer but the carbon dioxide gas produced by the yeast that serves as a potential trigger for gout attack.

    Carbon dioxide can dissolve and become carbonic acids which will lower down the pH of your blood for a period of time after you drank it. This will 'rob' away some bicarbonate in your blood to buffer the sudden increased of acidity and this leave room for the uric acid level to concentrate and form urate crystals that leads to a gout attack.

    Vodka contains no carbon dioxide, thus it won't trigger a gout flare as what beer does. It might serve a agent to promote blood flow to help get rid of the uric acid OR... too much of it will burden the liver and kidneys which reduces their ability to get rid of th uric acid. I don't know how much is too much for your body, each of us has different metabolisme rate. You will know your limit... Best of health to you.

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    Source(s): My Gout Got Cured : http://goutcure.ohfos.com/?FWC
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    I used to be like that. I could drink anything under he sun (except Jack Daniels and Jager) and I would be fine. As soon as I would even SMELL beer I would gag. So, I never drank it. First time I had it I almost threw up. I would randomly take little sips, but the smell, and the taste gagged me. Finally one day I went out and had like 8 beers and was fine. Sometimes, you just have to get used to it. (I had to because drinking Malibu and Diet every time was getting a weeeeeeeee bit expensive) It could also be where you are getting the beer. If you go to the same bar, and get the same draft beer...it could be like bottom of the keg stuff. Also, if you are drinking a lager that could be it. Try a lite beer like Miller or Bud. It took me a while to start the lagers. Now I am in love with Yeungling and Dos XX's!

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    Nope, get on some Protease to clean the uric acid out of your blood. All alcohol will aggravate your gout.

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