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What is the Canadian Government doing about Ocean Pollution?

I am writing an editorial about ocean pollution, and I would like to know if the canadian government is doing anything about it.

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    We try to prevent it, the BP oil spill in the gulf of Mexico could not have happened in Canada. The reason, prevention.

    Any offshore drilling in Canadian waters must have a relief well drilled at the same time as the main well. This way the second one can be used to alleviate pressure in a catastrophe and allow workers to more easily stop a leak. The US does not require secondary drilling, and so oil companies do not bother with the added expense. You can see how that works out when things go wrong.

    Canada also works hard to stop over fishing, and they enforce strict environmental standards when compared with most other countries. We could do better, but we are must better stewards of the earth than the US to the South is.

    I should add one thing... The BP oil spill may only cost BP 75 million dollars. The US has a $75M cap on environmental liability. They could just walk away and let the ocean die and it would only cost $75M and some bad PR. Fortunately for them, Americans have short memories.

    If you are an American and you disagree, do you still boycott Exxon and all of it's subsidiaries? I still won't buy gas at Exxon or Mobil, how about you?

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    Here's some info regarding the London Convention. It'll give you a broad idea of not only what Canada is doing but al other nations that adhere to it.

    Personally I don't think enough is being done. Dumping nearly ANYTHING is still a perfectly acceptable practice according to international law provided you're far enough off shore.

    I'm not and never will be a "greenie" but this practice saddens me deeply and I vehemently oppose it.

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