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Scavenger fish for aquarium?

Hey everyone, I used to own a Pleco and he would always eat any uneaten food in my tank, it was awesome. Unfortunately he became aggressive and would go after my fish, so I rehomed him. Anyway, I feed fish flakes to my fish(silver dollar tetras, congo tetra, blood parrot), and shrimp pellets to my ACFs. Unfortunately the shrimp pellets sink to the bottom and break apart so my frogs can only eat so much and they are unable to eat the particles because they eat by shoving food in their mouths with their hands so the small paticles stay on the bottom of my tank, getting moldy.

So I'm wondering which kinds of fish are scavengers that would eat off the bottom, I would need them idealy to be 4inches or bigger, and no Plecos.


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    I've always been a huge fan of the Striped Raphael Catfish. They are very peaceful and great scavengers.

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    What size tank is it?

    If it's big enough, what about a group of Brochis splendens? Also called Emerald Corys. Get quite a bit chunkier than Corys though, and excellent scavengers. Do need to be in a group though. They look like greener versions of the Bronze Cory and get between 3" up to 5".

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    They would yum up that extra shrimp food.

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    I heard Raphael cats need about 30 gallons, and can get up to 8 inches long. So, yeah, you're a little overstocked, but if you really need something to clean the bottom maybe you can get 3 dwarf cory catfish. They're very active and playful, and they're excellent tank cleaners! Just make sure you get more than one because they are shoaling fish. Good luck!

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    get corydoras. They are big enough and seem to do a good scavenging clean up.

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