Dell Computer problems please help!?

Okay I have a desktop and a laptop. I don't know much about computers so please make it easy to understand.

Okay first off the desktop it ran fine then my desktop on it got messed up like all the icons and start menu went away and i couldn't click on it anywhere. Now it wont even turn on i power it up and nothing appears on screen and the light just flashes orange.

The lap top worked fine and now it just goes up to where the sign in screen should appear (with the user names and stuff) but as it's loading that it just stays black.

Please is there anything you can do to help me tell me problems and/or solutions I'd greatly appreciate it. THANKS!

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  • 1 decade ago

    Your desktop is dead.

    The Hard drive has failed and you need to find a new one, and take apart your computer and take out the old one, then put in the new one.

    If you can find the "BOOT MENU" on your laptop the possibility exists for you to perform what I call a 'Computer Ressurrection'!

    Basically its formatting your Hard Drive and Reinstalling the Operating System.

    You can google more on this whenever you get a chance.

    But I'll throw in a link for you....

    But you need a CD of whatever Operating System you have.

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    EJ learning a few basics would help, you don't need a degree to use common sense. if you press power on the computer and the orange light is flashing. its safe to assume "computer broken" could be as simple as a power supply or not enough power to the PC. get to a good power source " wall outlet" not a power strip. If you still only get the orange linght either pay to get it repaired or send it to me and i will use the parts. as far as the laptop. you can get ti to run but it stops at the splash screen/ log in screen. Try to start the computer in safe mode. usually F10 or other button on your keyboard or you may need to get a boot disk to run some tests. if you can not get it to load in safe mode then contact me and we can talk about how you can get around the splash screen.

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  • 1 decade ago

    Call Dell about your warranty.

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