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So what do you suppose the long term damage of the Gulf of Mexico spew will be?

Multiple thousands of gallons spilling or being forced up into the water -- pressure so great that is spews into the Gulf

How big is this deposit a mile under the water ?

How much pressure is it under ?

What happens when the oil from the deposit leaves no underbelly for the rocks above the previously filled chambers ?

How many rigs are currently drawing off this one deposit?

--- or are there multiple deposits and multiple rigs ?

If one pocket deposit collapses how will that impact the other caverns of undersea oil deposits ?--- If one big deposit what will one chunk giving way impact all that trapped oil under the sea bed ?

How big is this deposit ?

What will be the long term impact

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    Revelations 16:3

    And the second angel poured out his vial upon the sea; and it became as the blood of a dead man; and every living soul died in the sea.

    Rather chilling how close that fits some of the worst case scenarios being speculated about.

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    the long term effects, depending on what you call long term? a few years it will be just like new if not better. till then it will be really bad for the wild life in that area from the sweat crude thats in the water and lots of stuff will die. as they clean it up and bring back the fish etc.... then it will be better then before. its all obamas fault he gave them permission to drill and did so because he took $$ from BP. he also said he accepts all blame on tv as well.

    for the record

    its all obama's fault!!!

  • Anonymous
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    The damage to Obama's reputation and to liberalism in general is irreparable.

  • Anonymous
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    Nothing good.

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