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What is the strongest/most durable cassette on the market today?

Two months back, I bought a new mountain bike, a Trek 3500 7-speed hardtail. To my surprise, my 7th gear cog cracked while I was riding yesterday. Now the entire cassette is loose. I can't believe I actually managed to crack a cog on a virtually brand new bike with less than 500 miles on it! This bike has never been ridden in the rain and has primarily been used for commuting. I've owned trek bikes for over 10 years now and it feels like the quality has really gone downhill. I guess that's what happens when even high-end bikes are made in China.

Well needless to say, I'm thinking about just scrapping the entire cassette and getting a new one. I really don't care about how many speeds it has. Honestly, I probably use only 4 out of my 7 gears anyways. I just need something strong that wont crack like glass. Are there any companies out there that make cassettes with thicker, more durable cogs?

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    This will be a warranty case, no question. That said, 7 speed gear trains are relatively low quality, so almost any 7 speed cassette is not going to be top of the line. Trek did not make the cassette, and any other bike is the same price range will use pretty much the same components. Because your shifters are indexed for 7 speeds, you can't use anything else without changing your shifters as well. However, breaking cogs is a very rare occurrence, so once the shop changes the defective part your bike should be fine

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    It should be covered by warranty. If you don't need the mega range cassette try a HG-50 or HG-70 cassette.


    What chain ring where you using in the front when it broke ? I have a TZ-31 on my bike and was just wondering.

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    agree that would have a chance to be replaced but what brand was it as even if shimano they have big range at dearer prices you get what you pay for and would have beter dearer range and also scram as well have a range to chose from as well.

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