My son is going to full day kindergarten in September at a "Healthy" school, any advise?

My 4 year old son is going to Full day Kindergarten in September and their classified as a "Healthy Food" School, so everything we send for Snacks, and his lunch has to be healthy.

No Juice, unless its 100% Fruit Juice, everything has to be eaten cold, so any pasta rice, and everything else he eats has to cold. The problem is he's a picky eater he doesn't eat meat so sandwiches are out, no eggs, and he LOVES peanut butter but their a nut free school.

He's not allowed to bring cookies, chocolate, anything with high levels of sugar so pudding, chips, and no juice with high levels of sugar.

Does anyone have any advise?

I am currently not working and I want to use this summer and the time I have off to get him use to the idea, He does eat some veggies but its, corn, carrots, peas (but only canned) and celery, fruit he eats are just bananas and apples. They even recommed whole wheat bread/pita bread but he won't eat it. He also won't eat butter, mircle whip or any dips.


I've talked to family and friends with kids the same age and they don't have this at the school their kids are going to.

Update 2:

If I pack unhealthy foods they will take them from him! he won't be allowed to eat it.

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    My son is going to full day as well. There are not as strict but they got rid of sodas and Candy's at there school. How about yogurt, raisins, granola bars, fruit bars, cheese and crackers.. ect. At his age this may be the best time for him to start eating more things. It may also help to see other kids eating things he won't so he might change his eating habits.

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    I think it is so great that the school is embracing healthy eating. I have a lunch website with lots of ideas for lunch items. My kids take pretty much all healthy things to school - and they are some of the only ones in their classes that are bringing things that aren't pre-packaged. You can really see it with their focusing and energy levels. I wish all the kids were bringing good real food instead of eating lunchables and pre-packaged donuts and chips.

    Our school has no guidelines, and we do like to include something sweet in their meals - whether it is fruit or a cookie or homemade granola bar. We've created a couple of cookies that are healthier than their granola bar counterparts - they are low in sugar and as high in fiber as a slice of whole wheat bread. I wonder if you shared these recipes with the school if they might permit healthy treats?

    Do you live in an area where you can join a CSA? We joined one 3 years ago and it has made ALL the difference in my kids' eating attitudes. My son was horribly picky and now he's excited by fresh cabbage and spinach, beets and more. It took some time, but it helped that they came to the farm to pick up the veggies - and once they were in the house we found ways to use them. It was (and is) a whole family project.

    As to nut free - try soy butter - it is delicious. We did a taste test recently at home with my kids and had soy nut butter, sun butter and regular peanut butter. They really enjoyed the soy nut butter - it has a consistency just like regular peanut butter. That means the old standby pb&j doesn't have to get tossed.

    If you can, start to pack his lunches this summer. Check out the easy lunchbox system (on our site in the blog section for more info and to buy them) He can get used to eating from his lunch box (even if you just fix it at lunch time to serve in this) and you can get used to the portions and types of food he will enjoy. It took us a couple of months to figure out with my daughter that we were sending too much food when we first started packing lunches.

    Good luck! Have fun with this - embrace it as a wonderful opportunity (and really a grocery savings too because you can't be tempted to buy all the pre-packaged junk). :) Amy

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    Are you in Ontario by any chance? In my city the whole school board will be Healthy and there are also 100% nut free.

    As for the juices the Sunripe brand is very tasty and is 100% pure fruit juice. As for food and since you'll be off for the summer you could try different lunches/dinners for your son. I know all about picky eaters-as my daughter is one. Try different things, in a fun presentation, as for veggies try dips-ranch dressing to dip veggies in, that's the only way my daughter will eat any veggies!

    As for no meat, how do you ensure he eats enough protein? Does he eat cold cuts?

    Try different fruits, in smoothies just to get him like different fruits. Also make it fun-put them in a platter while having a picnic..

    I think you'll have to work hard on making your child eat different foods-not sure what else to tell you. I know there are many books on school lunches -I've checked a few from my local library... and they have helped me a lot..

    Good Luck!

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    picky eaters normally don't do well in these kinds of settings so I would use the summer to start the healthy eating habit and such. I would avoid things in cans since they can leak lead and harmful chemicals into the food in trace amounts, but over time can build up. Some things you might try:

    * Natures Own Honey wheat bread. It's softer than most wheat breads. They also make one that is a white bread made from wheat that is much healthier than normal white bread. My 3 year old loves it.

    * Apple and Eve brand is 100% juice and it's organic. Honest Kids is another one that is organic and no fake stuff that is really good. It's all my son drinks.

    * try baby carrots, strips of bell pepper, cucumber sticks, celery sticks with a little cream cheese in the middle, buy frozen sweet peas and stick them in a little container. They will thaw by lunch. Baby corn ears that you can get in the jar would be easy to munch in a lunch as well.

    * Instead of pudding try yogurt. If you freeze it then it will thaw out by lunch and be cold still. Look for one with minimal sugars and such in it and no dyes. It will be healthier than pudding anyways.

    * try fresh fruit like berries, melon cubes, grapes, a banana, apple slices, peaches or pears that are cut up fresh. Little boxes of raisins are also good. The Newman's brand doesn't add preservants to theirs and they are organic and no more expensive than the other brands.

    * Try pita bread that is soft with something like turkey or tuna in it with a slice of cheese. You can also buy slices of ham or turkey (or use fresh from left overs you may have) and roll up pieces of cheese in them to make a roll up sandwich sans the bread.

    If sandwiches aren't his thing then try cubes of lean turkey, ham with cheese cubes and whole grain crackers.

    * try and encourage him to eat salad. That is EASY to pack in a lunch and healthy. My three year old LOVES salad from garden type to pasta salad (which can be eaten cold).

    * Corn muffins baked with some shredded cheese and ham cubed in it would be fine for lunch if you can get him to eat it.

    If you want to add in something sweet to his lunch that doesn't have processed sugars in it try some Quaker rice quakes bite size snacks. They come in different flavors and are low in sugar and taste really good. Graham cracker sticks are also a good option and you can send a dip of some cream cheese swirled with a little sugar free jelly or fruit puree. Annies Organics also make an all natural, no fake sugars or dyes in them fruit snack called Bunny Fruits. They are soft and really fruity and make a nice treat for kids.

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    carrot stix

    mixed fruit

    Banana chips

    Apples with vanilla yogurt dip

    I usually send my daughter to school with a small fruit cup or applesauce or yogurt. Sometimes, I'm out of all that and I have to send in some tortilla chips, popcorn or low fat potato chips. I don't consider that "junk". But maybe at your daughter's school they would be considered "junk food". I never send in candy bars or pop tarts or anything like that though.

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    I worked at a preschool just like that. Many parents packed fresh pasta salad, sandwiches, chopped veggies, a ranch packet, raisins,apple slice, fish free sushi rolls, visit the Kraft site so you can get ideas.

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    OMG wat kind of a school is he going too! anyway i can understand why they want to have the kids be healthy but really that is a little over obsessive! ok here are somethings you can do...

    1. Make him try new healthy foods

    2. When packing his lunch try packing everything but one thing healthy like pack a salad or something and pudding at the same time. If he eats the pudding and is still hungry he will be forced to eat the healthy food.

    3. Talk to the teacher or principal ask him/her if he could pack pudding or something else that is not unhealthy but not healthy either.

    Good Luck and remember if he absolutely has to go to that school send him...,

    but if he doesn't then send him to a school that is a little bit easier/ expandable on the food choices.

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    Send him with a banana, an apple and a yogurt. Why would this be a bad meal? My daughter eats this way.

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    Try soy butter sandwiches, baby carrots, bananas, apples. Try white-wheat bread.

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    lots of good answers here.

    yes they will take away the unhealthy stuff and probably send you a stern note about it.

    I adore healthy eating programs in schools. all the sugar is not good for their concentration.

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