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Can goverments create natural disaters like tornadoes and sink holes in the ground with Microwave Sattelites?

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    Just in the movies.

    I was watching the news a few days ago. The reporter was covering the Gulf oil spill, and he said, "Its amazing how many Americans believe their government can do anything." How true.

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    they could change the weather back in 1970s, thats not pub talk, its a fact. its pretty simple actually. alot of people saying americans have a thing called HAARP google it or better still youtube it.

    to answer ur question...yyeah they probably do and have. just wait to connect the dots after one happens. see who is first in and who benefits. the elite want a 2 billllion population very soon, ull probably get a virus, they seem to be testing a few out at minute, bird flu, swine flu etc.....anyways sleep tight

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    No. The geosphere is no affected in any way by the electromagnetic spectrum, save for the very, very shallow, totally surface daily heating from the infrared band.

    Source(s): Geologist
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    Scientists regularly create mini-tornados in labs, but not with satellites

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    Governments can't, but SPECTRE can, and only Bond, James Bond, can foil Ernst Stavro Blofeld's nefarious scheme.

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