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Would it help if every American ,Palestinian, Iranian and British person world wide heard this Jew speak?

ONE American Jewish person

Would it help if every last person in the British commonwealth Iran and Palestine heard this ONE man speak about the wars Palestine and its history and how world war 3 still threatens us

I think it would -- What do you think ?


"Benjamin Friedman"

Update 2:

Can you translate this to the Iranian language the Palestinian language and spread it around far and wide -- *if you think it will help*

Update 3:

***FREEDMAN **** not the way I spelled it above

Update 4:

Drake -- I think that was an incredible speech

I know nothing about Muslims

I just believe this speech and that man should be highly published and heard by ALL

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    I think you have a misconception about Muslims, they arent all anti-Jewish, most are not anti-semitic and understand the political ambitions of atheistic cultural Jews called zionists.

    Yes he was one of the greatest American patriots, and he made that speech in the House of Congress.

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