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Is 16 too old to be a ballerina?

I took ballet when I was very young, and various other types of dance until I was about 12-13. I recently decided to take ballet up again, since it has become apparent that I'm practically built for it (Tall, strong legs, thin.) I know I'll never be a prima ballerina or anything special, but I'm just wondering if it's too late for me.

Also, if you have experience, what, if anything, should I be doing to prepare myself for the class I'm going to take?

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    I don't think you really mean a ballerina but you mean dance ballet. A ballerina is the name reserved for the top dancer in a ballet company. There can only be one ballerina in a company. Even other dancers who may dance the lead in a ballet would not be called that.

    To be a professional ballet dancer, you are starting too late. Training for professionals are over at 16 when they apprentice for a ballet company. Most start serious training no later then 11, but there are some rare exceptions that start as late as 13.

    There is no reason you cannot learn to dance for fun, Ballet is great exercise and a joy for all who dance it.

    You might want to do some yoga or pilates to help get you limber and supple for class. Also take out some books and learn some of the names of ballet positions and movements. You might want to check out ABT ballet dictionary online. They have small video clips of some of the movements and tell you how to pronounce the words,

    I do not recommend that you attempt to try any ballet on your own. It is very easy to do things wrong and you can get into some bad habits that may be hard to break. Wait until you have class to begin.

    Have fun dancing!

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    Sadly I do not have experience with pointe yet, but I may soon. What I would suggest for preparing is just reviewing the steps and the different names of techniques or moves (plies, grand jette, etc.) and which step they belong too. Also just stretch out at home and try building up muscle (if you don't already have muscle from your previous years of dancing) by doing ankle lifts, foot stretches (place your thumb and fingers just on the foot and try aiming your toes for the floor), toe stretching (pulling out individual toes and stretching out the muscle for pointe), and just basic muscle stretches like the splits. Hip-opener stretches are appropriate for pointe work too. Just take it easy and try working on the "froggy" stretch.

    However, sixteen is defiantly not too old to start ballet. Actually, my ballet teacher started when she was sixteen too! And I've got to tell you, she is an amazing dancer. Just work really hard at it and you'll get there. And don't say you won't be a 'prima ballerina'. I'm sure you'll be in for a real surprise if you just keep on dancing.

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    i think its NORMAL since there are many dramas where the lead female is a ballerina. And most of my guys friends find ballerinas attractive.....I think anyone CAN like anyone in this world even though it may sounds unexpected because you MAY never know who you found attractive :)

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    If you say that you have taken classes and have the experience when you were little then NO WAY!!! Since your 16 that just means that your determined. Just be prepared to work hard and intimidated if you are in the class with people that are very experienced! GO FOR IT!!!

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    No, your not to old. Do what you like, not what others might think. (:

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    there is no age to do anything that someone loves

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    no its not too old.

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