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What is the role of schooling in society and is that the role it should be playing?

Education (The act of bringing out)

What is education to accomplish and does it do that Or does it do something else ?

1) The role of schooling to train the work force ?

If so then does this mean that educational policy should be set by industry and technology as expressed in the major corporations desires for the future ? Wouldn't this outlook make school a training ground for the obedient ?

"School is a training ground for dunces" Sir Winston

2) Should schools be focused on balancing knowledge and expiernce by providing the things that are rare within society at the present ? For instance 100 years ago everyone had a working knowledge of plants crops and so on today however that is absent within the greater social sphere of knowledge due to industrialization

3) Should schools be allowed to teach morality religion or any other personal belief systems ?

If this is the case don't you have a state religion as defined by educational policy ? Not an official one of course but rather a more subtle one defined by policy which must by its nature define social morals and perspectives

4) Critical thinking skills and logical argument .... a philosophers approach to the world around the student

If this was the case what balance if any would be needed to ensure practical skills were imparted ?

5) Practical skills as an objective From wood working to metal shops and farming in order to impart skills which would make a student self suffiecient within nature taught solely on a hands on basis

Mixed bags of each -- some or NONE of the above at all

What is the role of schooling within society --- and is that the role you believe it should be playing ?


A parasite eating off liberals

You do realise that saying "giving them an education" is not an answer as to what an education consists of .... don't you ?

You didn't understand the question did you?

What is the role of this education other than apparently smacking children with paddles ? What objectives should it have ?

Do you realise how much you are betraying about your lack of reading skills in your own answer ?

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    The purpose of "schooling" is to stratify society by intellect. Merely giving everybody an I.Q. test to determine what they should do with their time on earth is too brutal, so we devised this set of hurdles everybody must engage and get as far as they can. Those who fall out earliest are supposed to be digging ditches. Those who clear the last sets get the hot spouse, the big house, the fancy car, and a thousand people at their funeral saying what a great person they were.

    We have PhD engineers sitting like dunces in a row incapable of figuring out how to stem an undersea oil flow as if they've never contemplated the possibility. This is the real test of intellect: the ability to ask "but what if..." Our education system is not about "what if," it's about "well, you know everything there is to know, so you get a piece of paper to put on the wall!"

    Meanwhile, the school system labels the most inventive and productive as idiots (Thomas Edison). Many of these see a university education as a joke and leave long before they're done. Benjamin Franklin, Joseph Henry, Michael Faraday, all "uneducated." Yeah, right.

    For those not at either extreme, we are taught that math and physics is some incomprehensible magic because those charged with "teaching" it don't really know what it is themselves. They merely succeeded in the mastery of communicating with their "teachers" and got a majority of the answers on the exams correct. When it's their turn to teach, they concentrate their attention on the children they believe remind themselves of themselves. Schooling is merely going to a building of desk-filled rooms with people who get paid to show up and pump out product and watch nearly everybody's kids flounder. We are taught that working with your hands is for the dull-wittted, so now western countries are filled with people who do nothing other than entertain themselves with gadgets produced by people working like machines. School is not a place for learning, it's a place to get through. Put up with a certain level of nonsense for a specified amount of time, and you get a piece of paper to tell everyone you know more than they do. Should any attendee make the mistake of demanding an education, they're held up to ridicule as "unproductive" Which is code language for "asks 'but what if...?' "

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    I think there would be a lot of disagreement on what school and education IS at the moment. But what it should be is a training ground teaching children how to be law abiding, give back citizens, and to teach them various trades which will help them enter the workforce. Throughout my free education, I strongly felt that school was doing neither of these jobs. Even in my paid education, I find it to be strongly lacking. However, school should not be a breeding ground for indoctrinated people. School should refrain from discussing politics, religion and other related subjects, unless pretty much everyone is in agreement over it. For example, I would like for school to start enforcing the rules about cheating, since everyone can basically agree that that is bad. However, I do not want it to start saying the Creator has three eyes and no nose.

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    The role of schooling is to impart in children the knowledge and skills they will need to be productive, responsible, independent adults. We should teach our children everything we expect adults to know once they are responsible for their own lives. that means economics, civics, job skills, and personal responsibility. They need to know what will legally be expected of them and that their actions have real consequences. And no, modern education is not providing that service. We are churning out unskilled laborers that are barely literate and completely inept at life. I don't think it is the job of public school to indoctrinate kids in religion or politics. But a general foundation on some ethical principals might serve them well. Skills like reading a contract, applying for a loan, or writing a resume could be invaluable tools to young adults entering the workforce.

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    In reality, it's a babysitter.

    What it should be doing is teaching.

    Edit for clarity: Adults should be able to estimate their grocery bill without a calculator.

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