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skateboard help!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!?

I am a starter skateboarder. All i could do is the basics, like turning and stopping, and butt boarding :D. i want to get a decent skateboard. not a cheap walmart one but not those pro expensive ones. what kind of skateboard should i get? How much is it? And were can i get it. Thank you for all your help :) Okay fine its not me my son :) Also, what size should he get? hes 11

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    allright man, ill save the day once again.

    Firstly, im going to need to decide a size. probably -7.0

    ok, BOARD: SPD DEMON CHECKERBOARD white/black mini DECK -7.0 $26.99 (this is the board my little 7 year old brother rides, its a great board)

    TRUCKS: ESSENTIALS GENERIC BLACK (SINGLE) TRUCK -5.0 (you need two) $10.99 (for 1)

    WHEELS:ESSENTIALS WHITE 51mm price point $4.99 (pack of four)


    HARDWARE: (aka, screws) LUCKY HARDWARE 1 inch (all the screws and bolts you need) $2.99

    TOTAL: 69.94 ( i got you a REAL BOARD, but bare minimum stuff. A GREAT DEAL, my board was 125.99

    ORDER ONLINE MY FRIEND! www.boardparadise.com

    Source(s): www.boardparadise.com
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    you should look up a local skateshop that sells these kind of things. not familiar with whichever neighborhood you're in, but i'd say look for an element skateboard or K2 / kryptonics if your region has those. element should be available worldwide though. i believe you can get a nice ride for round 60-70 bucks. dunno the prices in usa ( i reckon its usa)

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