Oil Industry Careers???

Well over the last few months I have been thinking over two BIG career choices.

The Canadian Military & The Oil Industry(Oil Derricks Located In Alberta or Saskatchewan).

I know lots of info on the CM But very little on the O.I.

My uncle was saying that there is people who drive a company vaccum trucks to vaccum all the water/dirt(Basicly Crap Not Needed) On The Derricks and that they also check gauges and take notes if it needs repairs ETC. What i would like to know is if anyone knows the name of that career and if anyone has some suggestions on others careers involved with the O.I

Please Provide As Much Info As Possible.

Thank You & Have A Great Day! :)


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  • 1 decade ago
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    Hello Devon,

    I used to work the oil fields quite some time ago but i will tell you to try to get on a Production rig. The work is more suitable for a new beginner. I have worked both Production Rigs and Land Rigs. You can get a job on a Production Rig as a Roustabout. What they are is general labors. You can make about 12-15 hundred dollars a week doing that and it's not that hard. But the best news about this is you will be able to view everything that is going on at the Rig. That means more opportunity for success and moving up in your position. The lland rigs do nothing but constantly drill which after a while begins to punish your body. Try to get on the Production Rig and you will do fine.

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