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Baylie asked in PetsRodents · 1 decade ago

My hamster was nice now its mean? Helpp!?

Well i got my hamster her name is Coco about a week ago and she was sooo nice and never even tryed 2 bite or was even a bit agressive but now she bites not like it hurts but it jus annoying like when you put ur hand in the cage 2 get her she will bite but is y im confussed is bcuz the 1st week coco was sooo nice now she bites... does it hav enything 2 do that i didnt pick hur up for like 3 or 4 days? [plzz help best answer gets 5 stars! plzz plzz help! this is my 1st hamster and im very confused and i need help and answers for this?! Thanxx! :]

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    Ok the lil hammy must of forgotten that you are nice. Here is some things to train your hamster not to bite anymore.

    Stop a hamster from biting by washing your hands thoroughly before you handle it. Hamsters have relatively poor eyesight, and if you handle a hamster immediately after eating, your pet may confuse your finger with a tasty treat.

    Avoid handling or picking up your pet hamster while it is sleeping. Remember that hamsters are nocturnal animals, and they will instinctively try to bite you if you disturb them during the day when they are trying to sleep. Try setting a little food in your pet hamster's cage first to see if that arouses its interest, and then pet it gently on its back before lifting it out of the cage.

    Use a thick pair of gloves to protect yourself while you handle a hamster that is biting you frequently. By allowing the hamster to bite repeatedly without consequence, it will begin to calm down and stop biting as it gets used to being handled. Eventually, the biting behavior while cease once the hamster starts to trust you.

    Continue to pet and stroke your hamster on its back even as it is biting you. Some hamsters are simply more nervous than others, and it may take a bit of patience on your part to reinforce the bond between you and your pet.

    Call your pet hamster by its name before you handle it in order to stop the biting behavior. Hamsters can be trained to respond to their names, and if you call out your pet's name before picking it up, it won't be as surprised or annoyed when you put your hand into the cage. Yes they are smart enough to know.

    Handle your hamster gently at all times. A hamster might bite if it feels it is in danger, especially if you squeeze it or pick it up too quickly. Hamsters are used to being close to the ground and might act alarmed if you're constantly walking around with it in your hands or on your shoulder.

    Handle your hamster with care. Hamsters only bite when afraid, or after they had a meal. I tend to hold my hamster with my first three fingers around its waist. Do not hold it too hard or it will bite!

    Stroke your hamster, before handling it. Even if it is sleeping, stroke it lightly about 5 times before letting it sleep (do not attempt to hold it while it is about to sleep, or it will bite you really really hard). Doing so will make your hamster know that it is safe.

    Source(s): ^.^ I know alot of things. I also heard some from a vet.
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    Hamsters are very dependent on their owner for entertainment and care. Did you hold coco a lot when you first got her? If you did that's why she was so nice and sweet. When you hold your hamster a lot she will be happy. Happy hamster = nice hamster.

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