The gulf coast, the oil spill, and hurricanes and weather- what will happen?

With all the oil sitting in the gulf, what would happen if it ended up getting a katrina or worse level hurricane? How about the effect an earthquake, tsunami or even lightening could have?

What sorts of things could happen with this huge amount of oil, particularly in a severe hurricane?

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  • Kenney
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    10 years ago
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    i hurricanes dome of water (called storm surge) could drive the oil inland as far as the surge can go.

    the wind could pick up small amounts of oil and blow it over small distances (maybe, depending on its strength).

    Hurricanes dont suck up oil and you will not get black rain like some fear, but if you ever seen wind blowing over the top of a wave you will understand how it can blow the oil over small distances.

    As for lightning it could cause the oil to become burning oil, but is 99 percent likly not to do that, you got to work to start a fire on oil.

    an earth quake is not likely over the oil, the closest fault line is in Near Memphis and New Madryd some 400 miles inland.

    a Tsunami is also unlikely only because they need a trigger such as an earthquake or a meteorite hit, or maybe a volcano like mt. st. helens, but if it hit would be the same effect as a hurricane.

    A nother point is the oil burning, it would help the gulf coast as far as removving the oil, but would be bad for our ozone layer real bad.

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  • 3 years ago

    I easily were so disillusioned about this disaster that I easily have tuned maximum of it out - i can't do something. It sounds like observing a slow action prepare smash. i do no longer comprehend both even as hurricane season starts down there or the position and how the spill may spread. It should not be reliable. As I comprehend it, there is little left to the organic coastal ecosystems in that section. The tidal marshes were generally destroyed so those that stay, breeding floor for most poultry species, fish, different ocean creatures, are very substantial. in the journey that they are compromised it could be end for some. Now they elect to drill for oil up the position i'm, the northeast coast. We had an oil disaster even as i become a baby even as a tanker went aground, i imagine off Nantucket. i guess we are meant to settle on yet another one. an excellent variety of the electrical energy the position I grew up comes from an oil burning plant. there has been a project contained in the works for years now called Cape Wind. it might scale decrease back the elect for electrical energy from that plant by using 0.5. there has been any such lengthy heritage of carry united statesand litigation over the progression of this proposed offshore wind farm I easily have forgotten 0.5 of it. yet now there is communicate of drilling for oil off the coast of cutting-edge Jersey, only to the south. i do not get it. choose i could supply a more advantageous answer. you are able to get a more advantageous one posting in between the ambience categories including conservation yet those sections are frequented by using a collection offended those who do not matter on climate replace, human over-inhabitants, risks of toxins, conserving endangered species, authorities regulation etc, etc.

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  • Anonymous
    10 years ago

    It's the same ecological disaster as last year.

    I got tar on my feet walking on the sand there 25 years ago.

    The disaster has been going on since the Americans arrived.

    You only notice it when the muffled cauterized tongueless outcry

    from the rootless, poor and devastated American victims

    grows nearly deafening - the press will glance in its direction

    while continuing the drumbeat for war, oil and cars!

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