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What are your honest opinions of Christians?

I'm a Roman Catholic (that's Christian), but I do a lot of stuff that people wouldn't consider "Christian" and I really don't like those Bible thumping people who thrust their beliefs on you.

I think I'm turning atheist, slowly, but idk...

Hmmm, back to my original question: Tell me, what's your honest, brutal opinion?


@ za: It's not even like that. Making generalizations like that, regardless of your beliefs, is stupid.

Update 2:

Za, I have my own reasons separate from what you think I'm talking about to turn atheist.

Update 3:

It's that difficult for you, Tiberius? Wow...

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    Honestly? That's like asking "What are your honest opinions of food?"

    Some I like. Some, not so much. Because, before they are Christians, they are people.

    I've met some great Christians here. Kind, caring, intelligent. People who are strong in their beliefs but not afraid to entertain questions. People who can accept that others have different beliefs to them and that that doesn't make them bad/ evil/ stupid. Just different.

    I have Christian friends in 'real life' too. And .. well, they are friends, so I guess we get on just fine!

    But, like all groups, there are some Christians who I just don't 'get'. Whose behaviour does not reflect what I was always taught were the basic principles of Christianity. Meh, that's life I guess. There will always be those who talk the talk, but don't walk the walk.

    Does that help?


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  • 10 years ago

    They're ordinary people, so range from delightful to awful.

    They share a common delusion (or family of related delusions), and how that affects them varies enormously from person to person.

    Hence some are lovely people who clearly benefit from their faith (in the same way that believers of other, incompatible faiths also do), and some are horrible people that use their dogma as an excuse to inflict misery. And everything in between.

    However, I'd suggest that you should base your own understanding of nature on, well... understanding nature. Not on how people are. If X is true about the universe, we can only accept it if there's evidence. If we just choose to believe it anyway, then we can't tell if our belief in X is correct or utterly wrong.

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  • za
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    10 years ago

    It's a funny sort of logic that says 'I am a Type X Christian, but because I don't like what type Y Christians do, I am going to give up being type X and become an atheist'. In this case X = Catholic and Y = 'Bible thumpers'.

    And atheists acuse Christians of not think properly, or not thinking at all ! It seems to me they might not welcome you into their ranks if that's the best you can do.

    Edit. Oh. It isn't like that? So what you are saying is that you are thinking of becoming an atheist, and what you do, and what other Christians do has nothing to do with it. Is that it? You seem to be expressing an opinion rather than asking a question.

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  • 10 years ago


    After spending three years in this section of Yahoo! Answers, after facing a completely Catholic family, after coursing Studies of Religion for three years, I can tell you that out of all the things they've said, explained to me and claimed, the only adjective I can think of to 'brutally describe them' is 'conformist'.

    I'm not a big fan of putting everyone on a bucket and classifying them, but that's what you asked me to do, and my opinion is based on my own experiences with Christians.

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  • 10 years ago

    I 'm an ex-Catholic who got heavily involved in "Eastern" religions in my 20s. Nowadays, I call myself a Deist if I have to label. I have mixed emotions about Christians. Most of the ones I've known in my life were quite decent, and have been nice to me in particular, so I have no animus against them. Beyond that, I feel sorry for Christians because of the way everybody always seems to be picking on them.

    I have to tell you though that whenever they start talking about what they actually believe, I have to resist the impulse to say: "What, you actually BELIEVE this crap?!?" Sometimes I feel slightly guilty over this but I'm sorry; it's just such a silly belief system. I don't find anything profound in it at all.

    In particular the reverence they have for this guru of theirs, "Jesus" is just absurd to me. If he ever existed at all, I'm convinced he was obviously some kind of hippie, pacifist flake; in other words exactly the sort of person, the average middle-class Christian holds in contempt. It's hilarious listening to them rhapsodize about this guy, their "Lord and Savior" who if they ever actually met, they'd despise...

    I'm not saying that to put down Christians. Personally, I agree with them about hippies. I met a lot of aging hippies, when I was into yoga and meditation, and I wasn't impressed by them at all. Yogis and Zen Buddhists, disciplined spiritual practitioners, I still have a lot of respect for but not preachy bums with delusions of grandeur. Which I repeat, is EXACTLY what I suspect Jesus H Christ was really like, IF he ever existed at all....

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  • 10 years ago

    They should question their religion more, and not attempt to make a person a christian as soon as they're born. I was brought up to be a catholic, but over a large period of questioning my faith I became an atheist. I just hate how they don't let kids choose for theirselves.

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  • tacoma
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    10 years ago

    I'd love to know what it is you do that people wouldnt consider Christian,

    when infact the things you are doing may have nothing to do with

    believing in the Lord. Jesus said Love God and your neighbor

    and all of the law fell on those two commandments.

    To not believe in the Lord is the real sin.

    If you really read the words of Jesus, and know other people

    that do, then you will know Jesus truly sets you free..

    whats not to like?

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  • 10 years ago

    I will not state if I am a Christian or not but think about this...

    If you are right and there is no god or Heaven or Hell, then great, what have you lost? Nothing, you have had a "great" time living exactly how you wanted and the Christians have lived a joyful life aswell...but what if the Christians are right and there is a god and Heaven and Hell? The Christians have lived according to how they should and will enter Heaven and spend forever with their creator who loves eternally but have not had a personal relationship with Christ and have lived a sinful life and will spend an eternity in Hell.

    The decision is yours.

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  • 10 years ago

    No different from the rest of the general population apart from a deficiency in the ability to discern reality. The level of deficiency varies according to the strength of belief in their theology.

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  • Anonymous
    10 years ago

    Some are decent people. I know many wonderful Christians.

    Most however are quite close minded, they refuse to think outside the box, they can often be very stubborn, and they often seem to have a bizarre habit of being everything they preach against.

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