It's so difficult for someone to help me achieve a nice body...?

I've asked on so many sites how to get a nice body. One similar to Luke Worrall's. Nothing too big or too muscly, but slightly toned and fit. Sort of a swimmer's body but without an overly large six pack. Everyone answers, ''work out'', but never tell me what types of work outs I have to do. I have been asking the same question for the last two years of my life and have yet to receive a good answer that is short and clear. Some say do sit ups, others say sit ups are terrible and to do crutches instead, but others will say both sit ups and crutches are bad and that I have to do cardio. I don't know what to do.

It's bad enough that I have a disgusting face and terribly unhealthy hair and look asian when I'm not and have a crooked nose and dreadful jaw and awful hands and that I'm losing my youth. I'm just asking for a little help, a little sympathy. Everyone has a nice body expect me, so people know how to get a nice body, but just won't tell me.

I suffer terribly. I don't know what I ever did to suffer the way that I do. Only a saint could endure being so ugly, yet showing his face in public. I should hide in a place where they put monks and become a monk, but I'll ask my question yet again, how do I go about getting a toned, but not overly muscly body, so that I can wear a mask in my face but go out shirtless?

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    OK, I'll start by tackling that first thing you wanted an answer to.

    The most influential factor in achieving your intended body type is DIET. Much more important than the workout itself. You sound like you want more of a lean body than a muscular one, but not to the extreme, so your diet should definitley be high in protein, vitamins and minerals, moderate in carbs and low in fat. Meaning you should a lot of turkey, fish (tuna especially), eggs - ESPECIALLY after your workout. Gradually reduce intake of things such as alcohol, drug use, cigarettes and junk food. Carbs generally should only be taken BEFORE a workout by a few hours since they're what you give you energy (bread, cheese, pasta etc). Just don't eat too much of it during the day.

    As for the actual workout in itself, workouts for a lean body are somewhat easier and less intense than buff macho-ness. The lean body type revolves around a strong, tight core - meaning strong abs and a strong lower back. Deadlifts are the best exercise for lower back strength. Here's a good link containing in-depth explanations of exercises for each body part:

    And, once again, diet is always the number one determining factor in achieving a good body.

    As for the rest of your question, which is the root of the problem anyway, I'm going to throw some words/ advice out there and you can decide what to do with them. You're bascially self-consciouss about certain aspects of your physical appearance and it's bringing you down, and that's fine and it happens to all of us - you're no anomaly. The bottom line of it is that you feel that you can't attract good mates since you aren't perceiving yourself as a "good mate" in the first place. Looks are very important no doubt, but they're MUCH more important on a woman that on a man. Women are judged almost SOLELY on their looks, men are luckier there since they're judged on things they have some control over.

    I'm 5'8" and I ain't no cutie, and in the past, I was admittedly jealous of guys that had better aspects than me. But at some point you have to realize that there are billions of women in this world and the 6'4" handsome guy can't exactly mate with ALL of them. And if he can, good for him, honestly. It's unhealthy to revolve your life around your legibility on whether or not you do or don't have the skills to stick your penis in people. My life's motto is at the moment is to HAVE FUN, not happiness, but HAVING FUN. Try to just have fun in ANY given situation, realize that most people's lives are excruciatingly boring and YOU be their entertainment. If you're on the bus don't sit there and stare out the window, turn to the old lady sitting next to you and convince her to play that clapping game that little girls do. Smoke something other than tobacco once in a while. Don't want to say my other suggestions for fun since I'm one step away from a suspension, but you get my drift. Make any situation fun, and just RUN AMUCK in this life.

    THEN, life will be fun, and you'll realize fun beats happiness anyday. Then you won't really care about things like looks or money anymore.

    Oh, and drink plenty of water during your workouts and during the day.

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    No one has the same pace in their spiritual life as any other person. A couple does not mean anything, spiritually. It never will. A couple is a couple to give children. That is the basis of marriage, all over the world,and throughout the ages. Marriage is sacred. But the two people involved are NOT sacred. They are human beings with all their weaknesses and their shortcomings. Besides, there exist several kinds of souls. Mainly there is the old soul, and the young soul. In a couple you may have an old soul married to a young soul. No matter what, the spiritual path is due to Karma not to marriage. A couple, therefore, should not have the same pace in their spiritual life, as such a thing simply does not exist. If anyone has told you that such a thing exists, then, Rama, you know you have been lied to!

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    If you want a swimmer's body, go swimming. YMCA. Do about 100 lengths of the pool at first and work up. YMCA also has a lot of machines that might interest you, but they will do more to build muscle than to give you a lean physique. Swimming's best. I say 100 lengths (which is 50 laps (back and forth)) because even if you're 500 lbs. now, swimming, while it IS cardio, doesn't take your breath away like jogging does. You can do any stroke you want since it's "recreational". Breast, crawl, back, side, butterfly...

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    You have to do whatever you want to do.

    And there are plenty of Asian guys and girls who are amazingly hot.

    And stop begging for sympathy, because I can't give you any. You look for something wrong with yourself and complain about it. If you don't like it, then change it. If you can't change it, LIVE WITH IT.

    Plenty of people look worse than you do, have it off worse than you do, and some were never born and died inside the womb.

    Be happy with what you have.

    Work out, just do whatever you want to do. If you want to work on your arms, look up various exercises to do that, and choose whatever you feel like doing.

    Nobody can tell you how to live your life, you have to make these decisions on your own. It's sink or swim. What will you do when there's a power-outage?

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    Eat more of vegetables, fruits, and protein, which are for your inner beauty. Drink a lot of water daily to improve skin complexion, for outside beauty. Run, jog, walk daily for an hour. Push-ups and sit ups, not crunches. Smile and appreciate that you are human and realize you will never be perfect, so stop trying.

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    People is going to look at you in the same way you look at yourself.

    First, you should accept to yourself in everyway.

    And if you wanna have a better body, try doing some excersive and getting adequate nutrition.

    You have confidence in yourself.

    Have a nice day =D

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    I never do anything really :P (im hella suprised im not a fat ***). But what you do is that you run and just keep jogging until your tired and you walk all the way back. Theres the one meal a day thing but thats hard to keep up especially if you get bored easily...

    happy huntin

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