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Why don't israel let palestine be a free country with its current borders?


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    Palestine isn't happy with its current borders. They want more. Namely, Israel.

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    Insane. on the different hand, you've a lot of alternative insane human beings to keep you employer and assure you you at the instantaneous are not insane. question: in accordance to you, does Israel "letting an self reliant state of Palestine be born" propose a 2 state answer, Israel and Palestine living aspect by using aspect in peace? Or does it propose a "one state answer", a Palestine with the completed elimination of Israel? via danger of the later, and that fairly reported purpose by using many Palestinian communities (e.g. Hamas) is the between the known rationalization why Israel has no longer "enable it ensue". And if Israel's real purpose is the creation of "more advantageous Israel" with the elimination of all Arabs there, then please clarify how that purpose comes about even as Israel hasn't ever received any territory in view that 1967, 40 years in the past? Sicne then, they have a) given the Sinai to Egypt b) given the Palestinians partial autonomy contained in the West monetary corporation and c) withdrew thoroughly from Gaza. And, convinced, any rationalization you are able to arise with will be insane.

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    There's all kinds of reasons, and both the Israelis and Palestinians are to blame. Sharing Jerusalem is one issue. The current Israeli government insists on a single undivided Jerusalem as Israel's capital, while Palestine claims East Jerusalem as its eventual capital. East Jerusalem had been under Jordanian control up until 1967. Then there's the issue of the settlements. In the West Bank Jewish settlers (both religious and secular) have built villages and small towns on what had been considered part of a future Palestinian state. Palestinians have insisted that Israel halt or dismantle these settlements as they are an impediment to the peace process. Then of course there are issues of terrorism and violence directed toward Israel that understandably causes Israel concern. Finally there are logistical issues of water sharing and other related issues that are holding the formation of a Palestinian state back.

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    You may think it sounds that simple, but it isn't. Jerusalem is the Holy Place for the Israeli for thousands of years. But the Islam say it's their Holy Place and they been fighting over Jerusalem for thousands of yeas. Palestine is mostly Islamic people so Palestine wants to have control of Jerusalem. As long as they both want to have control of Jerusalem they will continue to fight.

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    because there are some people in israel and in the israeli govt that believe the whole area belongs to them, that it is their land given to them by their god and they believe they should be the owners. they have a strong political influence and they push for israel to slowly increase israel's borders and take over the land, something that has been happening ever since israel was created. the palestinians have suffered so much, they have been fighting for over 40 years now. I just saw a news report that said something like 40 % are unemployed and that things like cement are not allowed into gaza, preventing all the people that had their homes destroyed in the last two attacks by israel, from building their homes again. but homes were not the only building destroyed, factories, shops, other places of work and business, water and sewage lines etc. over 300 children died. i don't think there is any other people as oppressed and under as harsh conditions as palestinians are under, currently. hamas was democratically elected because they provided social services and charity to the palestinians, which was desperately needed due to israeli policies that created very bad conditions. hamas, however, has always officially opposed to the state of israel, on grounds that it was created unjustly. they believe that palestinians should not be made to pay for the crimes of the nazi's. however hamas has been prepared to negotiate a truce, the basic preconditions included israel ceasing all settlement building on occupied territories. israel violated this basic precondition as well as work in other ways to stifle the process. i don;t believe the current political elites in israel want peace. i think they want gazzans as well as palestinians in the west bank eliminated or exterminated...the united states has supported israel, unconditionally, throughout. using its veto power in the UN and by supplying massive amounts of weapons, including nuclear weapons, and by giving billions of dollars every year.

    edit: actually there are others in similar situations, kashmir, maoists in india, chechnyans...some sudanese......kurdish people...people in somalia....sri lanka just saw the end of a brutal war that had been going on for something like 30 years as well.

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    10 years ago

    Because Palestine refuses to acknowledge Israel's right to exist and to stop attacking it from their territory. Any state has the right to invade another militarily, if that other state refuses to halt such attacks.

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    10 years ago

    Because Hamas doesn't want that to happen.

    That would put them out of a job as "protectors".

    You saw the fat Hamas 'police' at the Egypt border crossing, with their machine guns, "protecting" their skinny Gaza slaves. They even let a few skinny slaves get out ... but just a few. Probably just the ones who could "afford" it.


    Gaza residents swarm Egypt border crossing (june 9)

    "A Hamas-run passenger terminal on the Gaza side of the border was packed on Tuesday with hundreds of Gazans trying to get clearance just to approach the crossing into Egypt. It was a chaotic scene, with stressed passengers arguing with overwhelmed Hamas border officials."

    [Hamas "clearance" just to "approach" the crossing!! Wonder how much that costs.]

    "Only those with foreign passports or residency, or people requiring medical treatment or accepted at foreign universities are eligible to cross into Egypt."

    YUP! Hamas gotta keep those slaves in the pen for propaganda purposes. Big bucks in that!

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    10 years ago

    Because they want the land for themselves and see the Palestinians as subhuman. What they are doing to the Palestinians is a war crime, as bad as the persecution the Jews suffered under the Nazis

  • 10 years ago

    Because they want to blow Israel up!

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