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What's worse, killing someone or NOT keeping the sabbath day holy?

Where do you draw your morality from to be able to make this distinction?

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    I draw my morality the same place as everyone else, whether they realize it or not. Social species obtain adaptive advantages the better they are able to cooperate.

    I do believe there is an absolute moral code for humanity.

    It is this: What is harmful to yourself, you ought not do to others.

    Killing someone contravenes that Golden Rule. Not keeping the Sabbath can only be between a person and that person's God. It harms no one.

    This ethic of reciprocity was sighted by Jesus as the primary moral imperative (Mathew 7:12). Although he may just have been cribbing off of Rabbi Hillel (who, if we trust bible scholars' timelines, died when Jesus was about 12). Rabbi H said the same thing Jesus would later say (that is the summation of all the law and the writings of the prophets). It's in the Mahabharata. Buddha says it, Lao Tzu says it, and Confucius says it. There are Islamic versions, Shinto Versions, Native American versions and versions from a variety of ancient Greek and Roman philosophers. For instance, Thales, the father of Greek philosophy, said it 7 centuries before Christ. If nothing else, even if it doesn't represent an absolute morality, such an impressive consensus should allow us to use it as if it were an absolute moral standard. Especially as it requires no eternal threats, nor promises of heavenly reward in order to operate, just enlightened self-interest.

    Game theory shows that using a strategy based on a such a code leads to viable long term success:

    Moreover, evolutionary biology and game theory mathematics overlap, and show that such behavior can confer adaptive benefits on a population:

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    According to the jewish law, there are three sins categorized as "yaharog v'al yaavor"- those that require that one take their own life over transgressing those commandments. These are: Idolatry, Adultery, and Murder (notice: not transgressing the sabbath).

    To save someone's life ("pikuach nefesh") on the Sabbath would also override the Sabbath; even a small chance of the loss of life would override the Sabbath.

    Hope this helps! :)

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    Sin is sin. All sin separates us from God. The penalty for every sin is death, and Jesus paid that price for all our sins. And whether you kill someone or break the Sabbath, you are still breaking one of God's commandments. They both have the same results. Breaking the Sabbath is not honoring God, and killing is not honoring your neighbor. There are no degrees of sin.

    And yes, the Sabbath is still one of God's commandments for His church, for He NEVER changed it. The ten commandments were not nailed to the cross. If you say they were nailed to the cross, then it's ok to commit adultery, murder, steal, ect. You can't say only one was nailed to the cross and the other nine still stand, because the Bible does not say that and it's not even logical. God's Sabbath is still Saturday. God bless! :)

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    Keeping the sabbath is the lesser. Murder involves, not only sin on your part, but taking the life of someone else_ a thing which you canNOT restore/compensate for.

    People may say its all the same, sin is sin. But thats just a misunderstanding of God saying in his eyes any sin is sin. Meaning, even the smallest thing doesnt get a free pass. But it in no way implies they are all of the same level of seriousness to him.

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    The sabbath was a law unique to the old covenant between God and Israel. Not keeping the sabbath is of no concern under the new covenant.

    All societies and cultures understand murder to be wrong.


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    Worse in what regard?

    Nowadays you get the electric chair for murder. But the death penalty for Sabbath non-observance has not been enforced for centuries.

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    Not keeping the Sabbath Day holy.

    Because you know, you're supposed to kill people who work on the Sabbath.

    But that doesn't really make any sense. I don't know which is worse. Isn't it the death penalty for both? :(

    Source(s): Book o' Exodus
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    Killing is no different from lying or stealing. No sin is higher than another. They are all the same in the eyes God. Every sin is no different. Not keeping the sabbath is no different from stealing or lying or killing.

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    I've done both. you tell me.

    I have both a Bronze and Silver star, you don't get those from looking good, and I probably earned them on a sabbath.

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    If your dumb enough to not know the right choice here, you should not even be on yahoo answers...

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