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? asked in Family & RelationshipsFriends · 1 decade ago

Is it normal to get annoyed of my people close of me?

Here's the thing, I'm a person who like my freedom, exploring, and venture into the wilderness. I love to be around danger most of the time and I really love my sports.I am a spontaneous person, story teller, and a good listener. I like to hang with groups of people and you'll find me in big crowed places, if not in nature.i like to learn either about sports or the world in general. But Lately i can stand my girl friend and my family.

My Girlfriend because she of the lack of freedom i need, her lack of intellect and the fact she emotional. At the beginning it was great, we been together for 9 months now. Every month i get really and really bored of our activities , we do the same thing and i don't like routine (let alone being organize). I hate doing typical stuff, i really don't know why. I like talking to her and given her advice and about anything she ask, but I feel something missing.

I use to be close with my family, now i get very irritated with them. I feel that I'm pushing them away, and feel bad about it... They're never there when i play football, soccer, hockey, golf or any of my activities, and I feel I am more attach to a football field, work or a friend than them. I leave in the morning and come back at night. If am I ever home, I stay in my room till something exciting happens then I'm off to my ventures .

I might sound like arrogant guy, i also feel bad about it, but am a really cool person to hang out with form what people say. I really want to know how i can fix those tic i have, or if should move on without them, or if its totally normal to feel the way i am?

can someone hep?

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  • Miss K
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    1 decade ago
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    It's totally normal to drift away from your family. One thing you can do to start being a little closer again is to try being home a little more often. It's okay to go out and spend your time outdoors doing the things you love, but always remember that you've known your family your whole life and no matter what they will always be there with you. Give yourself some time to spend around the house helping out, talking to your parents, etc. It's okay to go out and have fun with friends and play sports but it is also very important to not forget about your family. They have been there with you since the beginning.

    One thing you can do to spice up your relationship with your girlfriend is to include her in your activities!! Why don't you take her out to the park one weekend and play football with her, go for a walk, for a hike, bike riding, etc. If you really love being outdoors try to make your girlfriend love it as well. It is always important to include one another in the things that you do. One day you guys can go outside and have some outdoor fun, and other days you two can stay inside and watch tv or whatever it is she likes to do..

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